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Home  > 10 Staycation Ideas: Spend Your Holidays at Home

10 Staycation Ideas: Spend Your Holidays at Home

10 Staycation Ideas: Spend Your Holidays at Home

10 Staycation Ideas: Spend Your Holidays at Home

Do the best vacations always have to be so far away? Yes! Wait that’s not the right answer..Let’s try that again…Do the best vacations always have to be so far away? They definitely don’t have to be! Especially if you live at the beach, right?!?! Well if you don’t have the beach in your backyard, you can still enjoy a nice relaxing time that feels like a vacation. Hence the word staycation. Let’s be honest here, the people you spend your holidays with is what really makes your holiday so special. So, let’s share some happiness, creativity, good food, and lots of laughter…oh... and maybe some fun activities in the mix.

I will share my 10 Staycation ideas to upgrade your Holidays at home this Summer!

1. Sleepovers

Because let’s be honest, sleepovers are the best! Sure we’re much older and have to adult now, but sleepovers bring back all the feels of when we were young. At first some of you will think no way, not gonna happen, I have my own bed, and it’s way more comfy! But...what if you can have a your own bed?! YOU HAVE TO BE CREATIVE AND HAVE SOME IMAGINATION FOR THIS (but you defiantly don’t have to be a child for it). Here’s what you’ll need: some sheets, thumbtacks, cute lights (could be your Christmas lights) and your favorite food at home. So, you can probably already imagine how this will look like but let me explain further..The best stay at home sleepover works like this:

  1.  Put the sheet at the ceiling above your bed, and a bit to the side using the thumbtacks. Look, you’ve just created your own little tent above your bed.
  2. Create a line with lights from the back of your bed to the ceiling and secure these lights also using the thumbtacks. Et voilà. Your cute sleepover tent in your own room.
  3. Make popcorn, put your M&M’s in a bowl (because let’s be honest, it’s much easier to grab handfuls from a bowl not the bag) and enjoy your movie or show selection for the night!

2. Go for a picnic 

You probably have that one favorite spot near your house?  A park, a river, open field, or just your own garden. It’s time to get creative, grab your favorite wicker basket, fill it with food, and go for a picnic. Leave your phone at home, take an old music box that you have laying around, a book, and maybe some games. Go together with friends or family, or even alone and enjoy an easy-going day of relaxation! 


Yesss, you probably saw this one coming, or at least hoped it would be mentioned. Bake a cake. We all know someone that can bake extremely well, right? Maybe one of your colleagues, or family members create the most beautiful cakes that taste soooo amazing. Well you can too! It’s not only funto do, but also amazing to eat! Why don’t you bake a cake for someone you love? Or as a gift for a friend? Make someone happy today and bake them a cake! You know they will appreciate it.#shareyourmagic #magicbodyfashionbv

4. Go bowling at home

The beauty of bowling is that you don’t even have to go to a bowling alley to do it. Just take a ball (football, volleyball, apple, orange, etc.) and some empty soft-drink bottles. Fill up the soft drink bottles with some sand or water, and through those balls! It’s really that simple! You can even line the bottles up any way you want, to create different bowling games with your friends.

5. Have a tasting tour at home

Everyone in the family can enjoy this idea, because even a child can put some yogurt in a bowl, right? So, let’s make this an idea for the entire family, student house, elderly home, girls' night, book club or whoever would like to join. Create something special, or even simple, because the only thing that matters is that you do this with the people you can have the most fun with. Try choosing a theme and working from there. Maybe Thai, French, Indian, or Mexican foods are a great place to start! I find it most fun when you create some small bites, and even desserts to match the theme. The most important thing is to do it with others and have some fun!

6. Plant some flowers

While this world is having a difficult time, we should each play our part and do something good to take care of it. So, let’s start with planting some flowers and maybe we can talk later about an entire kitchen garden? Fresh herbs are so nice to have readily available to use for your favorite meals, and they help add a nice aromatic smell to your kitchen space. It is also a great way to save some money from having to buy your fresh herbs from the supermarket. 

7. Time to be creative

Don’t skip this point, even if you are not the most creative person walking around on this earth! Creativity is used and expressed in so many amazing ways. Try out something new, maybe some body paint, design and craft a card, create amazing food art, or have a photoshoot in your ownuniquely designed clothes.

8. Create a tree book 

Go for a walk around your area and collect all the different beautiful leaves, and flowers. Put them between the pages in a heavy book, wrapped in toilet paper so they can dry and stay beautiful. Oncethey are flat and dry, you can stick them in a scrapbook and write all the fun information in the book with it. Now you have easily created your own tree book, that you can share with friends and family.

9. Make a donation

Sometimes it is nice to take a step back from our own lives and focus on how we can help others.One of the best ways, is to make a donation. Think about something you own that you can miss. This doesn’t necessarily have to be money, it could be clothes, food, or even your time! Go help in an elderly home, help in a food bank, or knock on the door of your neighbor to see if they need help with the groceries or something else. Lending a helping hand makes all the difference in someone's life. #shareyourmagic

10. Have a party with yourself and the people around you! 

Okay, maybe you think this sounds weird, but sometimes it’s more fun to be a little weird. Seriously, try it! Dress up, create a nice atmosphere at home, or in your garden, and enjoy some music and appetizers. Create some new memories and appreciate the people around you! To add a little spice, try choosing a theme such as: prom night, gala, or Hawaiian theme! Use your imagination.

I really hope you feel motivated to go and enjoy some of my favorite stay at home tips. Just anothersmall reminder from the MAGIC team to you; enjoy every day, think about each other and above all enjoy your STAYCATION! 

See you soon!

With Love MAGIC Bodyfashion



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