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Home  > 7 Fashion Trends For Spring & Summer 2020: Rock These Outfits This Year!

7 Fashion Trends For Spring & Summer 2020: Rock These Outfits This Year!

7 Fashion Trends For Spring & Summer 2020: Rock These Outfits This Year! Even though the world is still, nature isn’t. While we are confined to our houses, the weather is changing as usual and the beautiful spring season is upon us. Staying up to date with the latest spring and summer fashion might be the last thing on your mind right now, but you have more time to do a big spring cleaning of your closet and shop online! Now you might be wondering if you are up-to-date with the latest fashion trends,  so we have listed some of the biggest fashion trends for this years’ spring and summer season. So you can rock these looks when quarantine is over, or even right now when going for a walk (maintaining social distance, of course!).

  1. Puffed Sleeves
Puffed sleeves are back and it’s one of the biggest trends for this year! Fashion weeks in the biggest fashion capitals of the world projected some fashion trends for 2020, and puffed sleeved designs were the most prominent one on all these shows. These oversized, chunky sleeves creates the illusion of slimmer waist and adds an instant feminine touch to your outfit. These statement making sleeves were a success in the runways, and you can also rock them! Combine a puffed sleeved blouse with a pair of denims and flat sandals, or a puffed sleeved dress with a pair of white sneakers.
  1. Bra Tops
Bras as tops is one of our favorite trends for this year’s spring and summer. Gone are the days when you were worried about your bra showing under your shirt! The “underwear as outerwear” trend has officially taken over the fashion scene, and the trend is here to stay.
We must say that this look is bold, beautiful and feminine! At MAGIC Bodyfashion, we have the best bras that are perfect for rocking the look, you can find the cutest bras & bralettes! Our brand ambassadors are loving this trend and they’re sharing their looks as inspiration.

From Left to Right: @jessie.jaydee wearing The Dream Bra Lace,  @lindehigler wearing The Dream Bralette Lace, @lauravevere with Dream Bralette, @rosanneliene wearing The Bandeau Bra and @manonn_o with The Dream Bra.

Style these bras and bralettes with a nice denim jacket or a blazer, or rock it as a top with jeans, shorts or a skirt!

Not just the bras and bralettes, we also think that the Body's by MAGIC Bodyfashion are also totally stylish and perfect for this trend. Combine these beautiful body’s with a nice pair of jeans for a stylish look. Just look at these looks from our MAGIC Ladies!

From Left to Right: @lindehigler wearing The Be Pretty Body, @jenniferschijven wearing The Be Amazing Body, @milvarms with The Slim Body,  @silvastam in The Scallop Sheer Body and @nikkisietsema wearing The Be Pretty Body.
  1. Maximalist Trend
Make a statement with maximalist, bright and bold prints. This year, it’s all about ‘more is more’, the brighter the colors, the bigger the patterns, the better! If you are secretly a maximalist, this is your year. Even if you’re not, this trend will have you stepping out of your comfort zone! This trend is all about bright patterns, florals and daring textures. However, think before you jump on to the trend and start wearing a bright neon top with leopard printed trousers. Find the balance between trendy and chaotic  in the maximalist look. When it comes to maximalism, bigger is better, so some examples of this trend are maxi and tiered skirts, ruffled blouses and jackets with shoulder pads. Create a voluminous look with The Shoulder Pads by MAGIC Bodyfashion!
  1. Suit-Up
Just like in the year 2019, suits are still a big hit this year and one of the biggest trends. This tailored set is here for this year’s spring, and it has got some amazing upgrades. Unlike previous years, the suits have more of a feminine touch this year, more colors and patterns are in play such as pastel colors, striped patterns, plaids etc. And it’s not just about the classic pant suits, but also shorts suits and skirt suits! The suits are no longer just for formal wear, but they’re one of the key street style trends for 2020.
  1. Polka dots
Polka dots is the one print that is a staple in most of our closets, and it is a trend that never really goes away and loved by everyone (Remember That ZARA Dress?). In the spring and summer of 2020, polka dots are still a big hit, and there are some latest take on the pattern instead of the all black-on-white or white-on-black versions. Fashion designers this year took on more exciting colors and silhouettes this year such as polka dots suits, oversized puffed sleeved tops with polka dots, and not just on clothes but also polka dots on accessories such as bags, head bands and scarves! Just like the maximalist prints, the bolder the better, again. However, if you don’t want to go overboard with the dots, create a more subtle look with a polka dots tights, matching it with a cute skirt. Have a look at The Sexy Dots Tights by MAGIC Bodyfashion, and here’s a cute fashion inspiration from @jenniferschijven.

  1. Ruffles, Fringe & Prints
This summer/spring, you’ll see the fringe, pleats and ruffles design everywhere. Oversized ruffled blouses, long pleated skirts and bohemian fringe on clothes and accessories are super trendy this year. Ruffles were everywhere in 2019, and worn by all fashion influencers and celebrities, and this trend is just as popular this year. Create a very feminine look with ruffled blouses, dresses and skirts! Next, Fringes; you can find it on jackets and skirts, but also on boots and bags, making it one of the hottest street style fashion this year. Midi and maxi pleated skirts are also dominating the fashion scene. You can match these skirts with blouses, sweaters, turtlenecks varying it from a casual to office attire! Pleated skirts and dresses definitely create that curvy feminine look and is a very light and comfy attire for spring and summer!
  1. Bermuda shorts
Bermuda shorts are another big trend this spring/summer, with all major fashion shows showcasing them. Not only are Bermuda shorts stylish but they are also super comfy. You can wear them in a lot of different ways. You can style the Bermuda shorts for a sporty look but also for a chic look combined with an oversized blazer. You can even wear them with  feminine tops and puffed sleeve blouses for a sexy look. With the right styling tricks, the Bermuda shorts can be easily made to look elegant and polished, or casual and cool! Countless fashion bloggers and celebrities are following this trend, and you can too!

Our brand ambassadors are wearing our Bermuda Shorts and we must say, they are rocking the Bermuda shorts trend!

From Left to Right: @jenniferschijven, @manonn_o and @jessie.jaydee in The Luxury Bermuda.

We hope that you got some spring/summer 2020 fashion inspiration from this list, and will be trying these styles! Besides these trends, sustainable fashion is also a major trend this year, with many fashion brands designing sustainable clothing and promoting eco-friendly fashion. At MAGIC Bodyfashion, we are also shifting our focus towards more sustainable  fashion and designing sustainable products. Take a look at our MAGIC Cares project, which has been started for the purpose of conserving our environment and giving back to the community! Also, don’t forget to check out our two eco-friendly collections here:
Body Hugging Bamboo Collection & Repreve® Collection.

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