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Body Hugging Bamboo Collection

Did you know that 78% of the composition of the Body Hugging Bamboo products is made from sustainable, nature-friendly and green raw materials Tanboocel ™ Bamboo fibers? And also ...

Honest products
MAGIC Bodyfashion BV values ​​honest products and does not use any endangered bamboo species. Our bamboo comes from bamboo plantations in China and can easily be reforested. To ensure good working conditions we regularly visit our producers. The Bamboo we use for our collections is not the same Bamboo the Panda bear is eating! 
The process 
Tanboocel ™ Bamboo fibers are natural , green and eco-friendly raw material that can be degraded in the soil and mixed with other materials (eg cotton, hemp, silk). To make it strong, Bamboo textile is almost always combined with other kind of textile. This is because bamboo fibers are shorter than cotton fibers.

By combining Tanboocel ™ Bamboo fibers we can make sure you have a strong product. The fibers can only be made during the viscose production process in which the Bamboo stems are made small and are chemically treated. After this the composition is pressed through nozzles, which results in a thin fiber. These thin fibers are then made into yarn and from that yarn the fabric is made.


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