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MAGIC Cares - Our Approach to Environmental Sustainability

MAGIC Cares - Our Approach to Environmental Sustainability We are facing some big challenges like Global Warming and Climate Change at present. Modern urbanization and industrial activities are negatively affecting our environment, as a result we are experiencing so many changes in the natural balance which have made it difficult for humans and wildlife alike. These issues are pointing us at MAGIC towards one direction – Environmental Sustainability, which means that, as a business, we should take on  this environmental challenge and strive to make our world a better place. It is our responsibility to make changes whenever and wherever we can so that our beautiful planet will remain that way or become even better in the future.

MAGIC Bodyfashion BV  is acknowledging these issues and taking the right steps towards a sustainable future. We realize that sustainable business is the only way to move forward and we are making as many changes as possible to be part of this movement and contributing towards environmental sustainability. While it started as a small project, sustainability has now become an essential goal of our company. To achieve this goal, our Online & Sustainability Department has set up a few projects and initiatives in action as our focus for 2020. This has resulted into establishing our MAGIC Cares Sustainability Program, which is  categorized into Environmental, Social and Economic projects.

Our MAGIC Cares program is highly focused on environmental sustainability,  internally as well as externally. Within the company, some strategies have been set into motion with main focus on Paper Reduction, Plastic Reduction and CO2 reduction. To achieve these strategic objectives, the sustainability department has developed a few rules and practices to ensure our team members are aware and are supporting this program. In a short period of time, we have seen a lot of positive changes in our workplace.

To reduce the use of paper, Do-Not-Print reminders have been put around the office and have been added to every e-mails signature. This way, everyone can make a conscious decision whether to print or not and to think twice if it is necessary. We are also trying to have more and more paperless meetings, use scrap papers, reuse and recycle and make use of digital marketing material instead of printed ones. Reduction of plastic use is another part of our internal and external strategy, as we are aiming to find sustainable solutions for product packaging, plastic free labels and stickers. Our employees have received refillable water bottles so that they do not need to buy bottled water, and this hugely influences the reduction of single use plastics at MAGIC.

At MAGIC, we are doing our best to reduce our CO2 footprint on the environment by taking several actions. We are increasingly moving towards skype meetings instead of in-person meetings when possible, even with clients, and this means less driving and less carbon emissions. Besides meetings, we are also setting up video training manuals instead of in-person trainings. Moreover, one of the best ways to contribute towards reduced CO2 emissions is to bike to work and leave the car at home, and we have implemented this initiative at MAGIC. Since the Netherlands is really bicycle-friendly and people here love biking, a lot of our employees ride their bike to work. Not only does this support the environment but also helps to develop a healthier lifestyle! Maria (Online Marketing and Sustainability Specialist at MAGIC) says, ” I love this initiative to ride my bike to work, it gives me energy, fresh air, and I help contribute to a greater cause!”

Our Employees Program and Social Movements in the MAGIC Cares Program are also partly focused on environmental sustainability. Our MAGIC Bee Garden is in the works at our office location in Almelo, Netherlands and we are currently a part of the global movement called Meatless Monday, where our team starts the week with a vegetarian lunch at the office. We believe that eating meat every day is no longer sustainable and thus want to promote a flexible eating pattern. This is a small effort with a huge positive impact on the environment. We will make sure to keep you posted on our progress on these programs !

At MAGIC,  we are highly attentive towards the demand of sustainable fashion and have already set our missions towards that direction by launching two very special sustainable collections: Body Hugging Bamboo Collection & DSIRED Luxury Slimmers Collection with REPREVE®. These products are the excellent results of honest resources and processes and by constantly improving the use of sustainable materials in our collections, we want to show that MAGIC Cares. By launching these sustainable, nature-friendly solutions, we also want to make it easier for our customers to make a sustainable choice. We currently have Trendy Hipster undies, Comfort Bra, Comfort Bra with Spaghetti Straps and a Bandeau Push-Up Bra in our Bamboo collection.

In our DSIRED Repreve® Luxury Slimmer collection, we have elegant and extremely comfortable shapewears, Luxury Bermuda, Luxury Brief and Luxury Bodybriefer that gives  medium control to shape your body.

Want to learn more about what our sustainable products are made of? Keep reading below!

The Body Hugging Bamboo products are made from green raw Tanboocel™ Bamboo fibers which come from sustainable bamboo plantations. It is a natural, green and eco-friendly material that decomposes easily. This collection complies with the following certificates: ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX and FSC Chain of Custody Certificate by DNV Business Assurance. Meanwhile, the Repreve Luxury Slimmer collection is made from 100% recycled materials, including post-consumer plastic bottles and post-industrial waste. The Luxury Slimmers Collection also received the following certification: REPREVE® Certification by UNIFI Textiles Co. Ltd (U Trustverification program). Repreve helps to offset the use of petroleum, emitting lesser greenhouse gases and conserving water and energy in the process. When you make a decision to buy a Comfort Bra from our Body Hugging Bamboo Collection or a Luxury Slimmers shapewear from our Repreve Collection, you are making a difference. We are continuously focusing on developing more new sustainable collections in the future.

You can read more about how our eco-friendly collections are made here.

As sustainability is continuously uprising, MAGIC wants to make sure our customers are aware of our initiatives and the reasons behind our initiatives. As a company, we are embedding sustainability into our values, mission and vision. Our CEO, Linds says, ”We want to think and do things sustainably and not just internally but also externally with our suppliers and customers”. MAGIC Sustainability Department is regularly keeping up with certain global and regional movements end events related to Environmental sustainability, for instance, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the EU Sustainable Energy Week in June 2020. In the upcoming years, we are striving towards a green office, more ecological designs and collections, and in overall a sustainable future because MAGIC Cares.

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