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MAGIC Cares about Australia

MAGIC Cares about Australia The beginning of 2020 has not been easy so far. One of the incidents that have happened in the past month was the massive bush fire across Australia, which brought a lot of damage to nature and animals. 
With all this happening, MAGIC Bodyfashion decided that the main focus of 2020 needs to be sustainability. Therefore, our MAGIC Cares Sustainably Program has been established. The program contains three main pillars reading sustainability: environmental, social and economic. This program has many goals and promises that MAGIC Bodyfashion will work and focus on in 2020. 
Talking about the social pillar, the goals are to keep on contributing to donations, woman support, social movements, and employee volunteering. Therefore, after finding out about the critical situation in Australia, our team did not have to think twice and immediately organized the MAGIC Calling Day. 
MAGIC Calling Day is a day that MAGIC Bodyfashion organizes for special/important occasions. For example, it was also organized in 2018 in order to raise money after the island of Sulawesi (Indonesia) was struck by an earthquake. During this day MAGIC employees call our clients offering special deals all day, for a good cause!
This time we decided to raise money for Port Macquarie Koala Hospital in Australia. We chose this hospital, not only because 30.000 koalas have died during the fire, but also because one of our colleagues has recently visited the hospital and saw the need for support there. 
Because of the huge success of the calling day, MAGIC Bodyfashion was able to donate in three different ways. First, we planted a koala food tree. The major threat to the koala is the loss of their habitat. This is due to the clearing of land for urban housing and agricultural development. Second, we were able to donate a generous amount of money. The money donations help the Koala Hospital with the rescue and treatment of sick and injured koalas and release back to their home range when possible. Lastly, we diced to make a permanent connection and donation to this hospital, by E-ADOPTING KOALA JIMMY! 
MAGIC Bodyfashion is extremely grateful for being able to help Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. We also want to thank all of our employees who work very hard during the MAGIC Call day, as well as all the clients who participated in this initiative. 

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