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MAGIC Supports Pink Ribbon to Create Miracles

MAGIC Supports Pink Ribbon to Create Miracles Have you ever heard of Pink Ribbon?
Pink Ribbon is an international organization that is available for all people to engage with breast cancer awareness. The organization also works on projects and research on treatment, aftercare, and longterm effects of breast cancer. MAGIC Bodyfashion, joined the Pink Ribbon global charity platform for breast cancer awareness and funding last year. As October is “Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” MAGIC Bodyfashion has made an update on our impressive 'Pink Ribbon' collection.

Maybe you are wondering why we launch this event?  The answer is simple. MAGIC Bodyfashion creates all of our products with the thought “By Women, For Women.” We support women of all ages, sizes, and origins. With the initiative to help and care about women, we want to create the products with good quality and prevent ladies from developing body problems and body health issues.

Do you know we collaborate with Pink Ribbon?
Last year, we created the “Pink Ribbon Bra” event and decided to donate one euro for every single bra sold to the Pink Ribbon Foundation. This year, we wanted to extend this offer of the Pink Ribbon Bras, so we added to the Pink Ribbon Collection in order to give more support to the Charity focused on preventing breast cancer.

MAGIC Bodyfashion loves making women feel more comfortable and confident about themselves, so this is also one of the reasons that makes us want to support Pink Ribbon. In our Pink Ribbon collection, we added a special edition color of some of our best-selling comfort products, including the Pink Ribbon Comfort Bra, the Comfort Boy-short, the Dream Invisibles Hipster, the Dream Invisibles Panty, and the Dream Invisibles Thong. Every single product sold in the Pink Ribbon Collection will allow us to donate one euro each to the Pink Ribbon Foundation in October. If you help us sell 1 Million Pink Ribbon Products, then we will donate 1 Million Euros to match. Every purchase makes a difference.

Do You Know?
Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women. The chance that a woman could die from breast cancer is about 1 in 38. Breast cancer deaths often appear with women under 50. However, from 2007 as people start to pay more attention to breast cancer, there is an apparent decrease in death numbers. These decrease cases are believed to result from finding breast cancer earlier through screening, and increased awareness and better treatments. Now, there are still more than 3.5 million breast cancer survivors in the United States alone. Breast cancer is still a critical issue for people worldwide.

This is the fight between life and death for many women. Breast cancer is not only important for women but also men. WE should not let this fight fade away, and WE are not fighting alone.

Keep the lumps out of your cups!
MAGIC Bodyfashion wants to help the Pink Ribbon charity to gain more awareness. Therefore, every single item you buy from our Pink Ribbon Collection would be a big step to reduce the breast cancer cases. WE believe every little change can make the situation better, and impact someones life. This is why we view every small donation as a big impact.

Do you want to support Pink Ribbon and take a look at our Pink Ribbon collection?  Search Pink Ribbon and choose your product. 

For more information on the charities we support, Click here

To donate directly to the Pink Ribbon Organization, Click here

We want to put the spotlight on Breast Cancer awareness, and appreciate if you join as well.

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