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Maternity Collection by MAGIC Bodyfashion: Must-Haves For New & Expecting Mommies

Maternity Collection by MAGIC Bodyfashion: Must-Haves For New & Expecting Mommies Being a mother, for most women, is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences in life. Waiting and preparing for the baby to arrive is very exciting, but since your body goes through a lot of changes, it can also be physically and emotionally demanding. So, it is important to take care of your body and ensure that you feel comfortable. Hence, besides the crib, stroller, diapers and a list of other things you are buying for the baby, it is also necessary to get some maternity essentials for yourself. This will help ensure that you will have a comfortable pregnancy.

MAGIC Bodyfashion has an entire MAGIC Mommy Collection, including amazing support products, as well as nursing products for expecting and new moms. These comfy products will make the months before birth much easier for you, allowing you to enjoy your pregnancy and the birth of your baby a little more.
Read about the items in the MAGIC Mommy Collection below:
  1. Mommy Supporting Belly Band
The Mommy Supporting Belly Band by MAGIC Bodyfashion provides extra support during and after your pregnancy due to the special under bump supporting panel. This band is soft and seamless and is nearly undetectable underneath your clothes. It is made of a stretchy and breathable material which ensures no pressure on your belly and offers an ultimate all-day comfortable fit. Not only does it provide support for your growing bump, but it also gives extra support to your lower back.

  1. Mommy Supporting Dress
The Mommy Supporting Dress is made of super soft material and gives extra support to your belly and lower back, thanks to the built-in support panels. The dress has adjustable straps which you can adjust accordingly, ensuring that it fits perfectly. The seamless design of the dress makes it an ultimate comfortable wear all day long. The dress has a silicone strip at the bottom which prevents the dress from sliding up.

  1. Mommy Supporting Tank-top
Another essential wardrobe item for pregnancy is the Mommy Supporting Tank-top from the MAGIC Mommy Collection. The top has special built-in support zones around the belly and back area, which provide extra support and prevent aching in these areas. The tank-top is very comfortable and can be worn every day due to its soft material and seamless design. Like above mentioned supporting products, the tank-top is stretchy and hence, does not cause any extra pressure on your belly.

  1. Mommy Supporting Short
The Mommy Supporting Short is a must-have during, as well as after your pregnancy. The short has special built-in belly and back support zones, which help reduce the aching that most expecting moms experience during pregnancy. It also has a slimming effect on your upper legs and a lifting effect on your bottom. The short is fully seamless and soft and does not show underneath clothes. To prevent the short from sliding up, it has a silicone strip on the bottom.

  1. Mommy Supporting Tights
The Mommy Supporting Tights are amazingly soft and stretchy and allow enough room for your baby to grow. These 80 Denier tights are essential during your pregnancy, as they offer great support to your belly, back, and legs. The waistband sits above your belly for extra support and prevents it from sliding down. The seamless design and smooth material ensure ultimate comfort. Take a look at The Mommy Supporting Legging too!

  1. Mommy Nursing Bra
The MAGIC Mommy Nursing Bra is an item that should not be missing from your closet when the little one is there! It is seamless and wireless, ensuring ultimate comfort after giving birth and even during the pregnancy. Small clips are fitted onto the front of the straps, that can be easily opened with one hand, so you can nurse the baby easily. The bra has adjustable spaghetti straps and an adjustable back closure. It also has removable cups which provide a nice shaping effect but also a cushioning effect if your nipple area is feeling sensitive. You can choose from several colors and designs too, such as, Fancy Mommy Nursing Bra, Mommy Comfort Nursing Bra, Mommy Nursing Bra Dots and Mommy Nursing Bra Lace!

  1. Nursing Pads
The Mommy Nursing Pads are great for when you are pregnant or breastfeeding. They will absorb fluids and keep you feeling comfortable and secure. These pads are also really helpful when the nipple area is feeling sensitive. These super soft nursing pads are made of bamboo and cotton fibers. The Nursing Pads are washable, reusable, and can be used in any type of bra.

At MAGIC Bodyfashion, our main focus is to make sure that our underwear, shapewear and body solution products are comfortable as well as beautiful, and the same goes for our Maternity Collection. The supporting items in the collection are composed of Polyamide and Elastane, making them very stretchy and comfortable. Pregnancy is a special period in your life, and we want you to be at your utmost comfort while carrying the baby as well as after the baby is born. It is amazing what your body can go through so don’t forget to love your body and give it a little extra care and attention!
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