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Home  > New Summer Additions to MAGIC Bodyfashion: Check it out!

New Summer Additions to MAGIC Bodyfashion: Check it out!

New Summer Additions to MAGIC Bodyfashion: Check it out!

New Summer additions to MAGIC Bodyfashion: Check it out! 

YESS YEESSSS YESS finally the word is out and I can tell you guys our new SUMMER COLLECTION 2020 has arrived. This means more stunning MAGIC products to add to your closet. A-MA-ZING!! You might be thinking: girll please take it easy.. these products can’t be that special... Well I hate to tell you you are wrong, but you are wrong, which can mean two things: 1. you’ve never had a MAGIC Bodyfashion product in your closet before or 2. you hate weekdays and really are in need of the weekend. Maybe even both? Well either way, let me walk you through these products today and cheer you up with some MAGIC. 
I’ve chosen my top 5 favorite new products of our SUMMER 2020 collection to talk about today: 

  1. The DREAM BODY 

This product feels like a second skin, it’s extremely breathable and because of that prevents you from perspiration! And it's soft, so so soft! This body already feels to me like it’s my best friend, and I can tell you everybody could use a friend like this, because it even provides you with light contouring of the tummy, waist, and back! AND it has special inlay cups, which give you beautifully shaped breasts. 


This bra must have been designed to cheer up your day, EVERY DAY! It is the ultimate comfortable bra with a touch of glitter. Beautiful with a blouse and some high waist jeans or above a high waist skirt in the summer. I personally always love it when fashion and comfort come together. Can’t wait to show off this bra to the world. 
This bra is also available with wider straps, you can check that one out here.... 
Or without glitter but with Lace….. Is there ever a point in time where you will have enough Lace items in your closet? 


THIS ITEM IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. Do you like sexy low-back dresses or shirts but are you not a big fan of your shapewear showing? Than this product is your solution! The Low Back Bodysuit is a seamless and shaping bodysuit with an extremely low back, which gives you a smooth silhouette in all the right places. You can wear this product beautifully underneath a low back dress or even just with some jeans. And heads-up.. you don’t have to get rid of the entire bodysuit if you have to go to the lady's room because the body provides you with a gusset opening. I am blown away!! 


This product I can describe best in two words: FUN & COMFORTABLE. So for all-day comfort, with choices out of fun colors like Cobalt, Pink Ribbon and Blazing Yellow, you can count on the MAGIC Comfort Boyshort. You can combine this Comfort Boy-short with a same-color Comfort Bra or Comfort Bra Spaghetti Straps. You can find these here... 


The MAGIC Invisible Comfort Bra is probably the best solution for people that are not a big fan of bra’s that have to be adhered to your skin or strapless bra’s, because they don’t give enough support. This bra has a comfortable fit, because we left out the underwires, and it comes with convenient invisible straps. Beautiful underneath all kind of clothing, but especially underneath low-back dresses and tops, or shirts and dresses with open shoulders. 

These products are my top five favorites in our new collection. Interested in our entire collection? Then take a look at our website... 
Or maybe you want to be bothered a little bit longer? Then you can take a look at one of our other blogs: 

PSSSTTT......TREND ALERT: Lace Must Haves For Summer 
And that’s why after looking through the window today we realized it was time for some Lace Must Haves for this summer. The weather looks amazing and so should we.  This means it’s time for a little closet make-over! Did someone say closet makeover??? YESSSSS WE DID! 
It should not be a secret anymore and for some of you trend lovers it probably won’t be, but this summer it’s time to go crazy with all the beautiful lace outfits.  
Do you ever doubt wearing heels because of the pain?? If the answer is yes, you are definitely not the only one. Because let’s be honest, it’s really easy to just put on your sneakers, right?  But is it as beautiful, elegant and feminist (or sexy)? I started wearing some products out of the MAGIC Happy Feet collection myself last week, and you just need to know there is a whole new world on the other side of all that pain, the blisters and uncomfortable shoes. And you know what? I'm about to tell you the secret to wearing heels without blisters and the massive need of a foot massage in the evening. 

See You Soon! 
With Love Magic Bodyfashion 

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