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Home  > PSSSSST.....TREND ALERT! Lace Must-Haves for Summer

PSSSSST.....TREND ALERT! Lace Must-Haves for Summer

PSSSSST.....TREND ALERT! Lace Must-Haves for Summer

PSSSTTT......TREND ALERT: Lace Must Haves For Summer 

SUMMER HAS ARRIVED!! And that’s why after looking through the window today we realized it was time for some Lace Must Haves for this summer. The weather looks amazing and so should we.  This means it’s time for a little closet make-over! Did someone say closet makeover??? YESSSSS WE DID! 

It should not be a secret anymore and for some of you trend lovers it probably won’t be, but this summer it’s time to go crazy with all the beautiful lace outfits. Because who doesn’t like lace? It basically always takes your outfit to the next level. Sometimes just a tiny detail of lace can finish your look of the day! Let’s take a plain pair of jeans for example, paired with a lace top and a simple jacket over it… Too simple? Or extremely classy?! Let’s give you some MAGIC inspiration with our favorite Lace products of this year!  

Our top 5 Summer Must-Haves For This Summer: 

  1. Well let’s start with THE one and only product that simply cannot be missed in every girls’ closet this summer; our DREAM BRALETTE LACE. This gorgeous product is one of our absolute favorites. It’s made of soft lace, has no wires and has an extremely nice comfortable fit. (You might be thinking, how would you know?! Well… I can literally not live without it anymore!) Not only the front of it is really pretty, the back of the Dream Brallete Lace is also soooooo......... well you can fill that in for yourself. 

  2. I hope you guys like to mix and match your clothes because our Luxury Lace Bandeau is the perfect example of a product that fits with everything. You can play around with a combination of a high waist skirt or jeans and this Luxury Lace Bandeau for an unbelievably feminine look with a lot of space for your own personality.  

  3. Maybe you are more interested in a product that helps you out to hide some of that extra winter weight, while giving you a nice lacey look at the same time. Then this is your chance, because we have the Super Control Dress! This dress is made of luxurious and lightweight mesh material, which provides firm shaping to the stomach area and hips. That’s not all, because the dress has a special control panel in the rear to lift the bottom as well. This luxury sheer and breathable fabric combined with beautiful lace will give you a feminine and sexy look. Oh, and something else we shouldn’t forget to tell you… There is a silicone strip on the inside of the bottom of the dress that prevents it from rolling up while you’re moving. Perfect right?! 


  1. Ready to slim your tummy without going to the gym or skipping a glass of wine in the sun this summer? Then slim your stomach area in a few seconds, with the Tummy Shaper Lace. This Tummy Shaper has a soft waistband that will provide beautiful shaping to your stomach area, while ensuring a comfortable and smooth fit. By adding the lace to this product, you will not only look slimmer you will look sexy in it too. 

  1. And last but not least. DRUM ROLLS...... The FAMOUS FOOTIES! Are you always struggling to find the perfect summer socks? Well here they are! Perfect for flat shoes, loafers and high heels. The invisible footies have a pretty lace design and the comfortable sole is made out of cotton. We even added an anti-slip silicone on the soles to prevent you from sliding in your shoes. Can someone pinch me?? THE PERFECT SUMMER SOCKS 


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Or maybe you want to wear a lot of backless summer dresses and tops this summer! Then take a quick look at our blog about all your MAGIC Bodyfashion backless solutions. Blog: Summer Ready With The Backless Solutions by MAGIC Bodyfashion. 

We hope you are as ready for all these HOT summer days as we are. Have a lovely day all you beautiful women out there! 

See You Soon! 

With Love Magic Bodyfashion 


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