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Pool Day Every Day with the MAGIC Push-Ups

Pool Day Every Day with the MAGIC Push-Ups

Pool Day Every Day with the MAGIC Push-Ups

Who wants to spend this summer laying by the pool or at the beach? If you didn’t raise your hand you’re crazy! If you did raise your hand, you probably look crazy..sitting there at yourself..with your hand high up in the air. At least no one saw you right? Either way, it was totally worth it, because we can all agree that soaking in the sun, and dipping in the cool water sounds amazing. Working on a nice summer tan, walking in your favorite flip flops and wearing your favorite bikini? Okay that’s it, I’m walking out of the office right now, grabbing my towel, flipflops, and bikini then hitting the beach! Oh, and don’t let me forget some of my favorite MAGIC solutions to finish my look.

We all know that not everybody is blessed and happy with the amount of bust they have, right? Of course I’m happy and confident in the body I was born with, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to cheat a little sometimes. Maybe cheat isn’t the best word, more like temporarily enhancing using some of the best solutions in the world in order to create the perfect look. Yeah, that’s much better. Well..back to my point, I can say personally I enjoy a bit of a boost up top, not too much but just a little more cleavage in my bikini makes me more confident and comfortable when I’m out at the beach or sitting by the pool. What about you? Ever thought of trying a proven fashion solution to show off your beautiful cleavage? Some people don’t even realize there is a temporary solution that works, without having to get surgery or damage yourself or your bikini. Even better, there are actually multiple solutions available depending on what your preferences are.

At MAGIC, we have five different push-up solutions that can fit in your bikini, and even your bra!

1. The Water-Soft Push-Up

This Watersoft Push-Up is a beautiful bra/bikini pad that is filled with water and oil, which makes the cups soft and natural to touch. And you know what, you can even sew them into your dress, bra or bikini to feel extra secure they stay in place. You can use this product multiple times.

2. The Swim Push-Up 

This product is made of 100% silicone and has a permanent adhesive layer on the outer side of the silicone, which makes it easy to stick them into your swimwear or bra. Because of the strong adhesive layer in the cups, the push-up pads will stay in place perfectly. You can wear this product while swimming in a pool or the ocean without any problems.

3. Bikini Push-Up

I think this push-up is just amazing. It basically fits in every bikini or swimsuit. It’s a small, lightweight, and air-filled cushion. I like the shape of it a lot, because of the beautiful and natural shape it gives to your breasts.

4. Bikini Swimpad

If you liked the last Push-Up I mentioned, then this one will probably also fit your needs perfectly. This Bikini Swim Pad is made of 100% silicone and is ideal if you want to create extra cleavage in your bikini. Also… this swim pad is beautifully shaped so it fits in almost every bikini.

5. Sticky Push-Up

I couldn’t believe it at first, a push-up that sticks to your bra/bikini that stays sticking when you go for a swim. So, I tried this out and *HA* it worked. MAGIC Bodyfashion, you keep surprising me! This product can even be used multiple times like every other push-up I described before.

I hope you guys are excited to wear your bikini now more than ever. But that’s not all we have in mind for you, guys. Because after a beach day you probably love to dress up and go for a dinner out of the house in one of your favorite dresses/tops with a low back... or a beautiful dress with low cleavage. We have the solution for that as well. Read all about it in our blog: Summer Ready With The Backless Solutions by MAGIC Bodyfashion

And with nice dresses, skirts or jumpsuits come beautiful heels for the ultimate outfit. But unfortunately, with high heels comes pain if you wear them for a long time. But you guys now us... WE HAVE THE SOLUTIONS: Hello MAGIC Happy Feet, Goodbye Blisters.

Cheers to happy summer nights full of stunning sunsets and a lot of beautiful souls around you.

See you soon!

With Love MAGIC Bodyfashion


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