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Comfort Bandeau

€ 19,99

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Luxury Lace Bandeau

€ 34,99

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Magical Strapless

€ 39,99

Strapless Bras MAGIC Bodyfashion

A strapless bra can come in handy specially when you want to wear that tube dress or a dress with cute straps but you don't want an extra set of straps showing. You can also wear it while wearing a tanktop so you can be sure no straps are showing on the sides. 

Magical Strapless Bra

One of the top choice of strapless bra in our collection is the Magical Strapless Bra. This bra comes with a removable back strap with the same fabric as the bra, and also with a transparent strap. The transparent strap will even let you wear the bra under low back tops and dresses. 

Bandeau bras

Bandeau bras are the other strapless bras in MAGIC's collection; we have the Luxury Lace Bandeau, Bandeau Push-up Bra and even a Body Hugging Bamboo Bandeau! The Bandeau Bra is one of the most recent additions to the sustainable bamboo collection, and it is available in the cutest 'rose' color. Find our Sustainable Collection here

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