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The Fight Against Breast Cancer

The Fight Against Breast Cancer MAGIC Bodyfashion is known for the slogan ‘By Women, for Women’ and we support women of all ages, size and origin; which is why we love to support organizations like Pink Ribbon. An organization that has been supporting women for many years in their battle against breast cancer. Although this disease affects not only women; we want to help raise awareness and support their mission to create a breast cancer-free world.

The Pink Ribbon charity finances projects and research on treatment, aftercare and longterm effects of breast cancer. Their mission is to help those who have, or have survived, breast cancer to have a better and prolonged life. For the ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month’ in October, we have launched a special ‘Pink Ribbon’ edition of one of our most popular and comfortable bra’s: the
Comfort Bra. For every Comfort Bra sold in the color ‘Pink Ribbon’ we will donate 1, - to the Pink Ribbon organization.

Do you want to support Pink Ribbon and get one of these Comfort Bra’s? Click here
For more information on charities we support, click here.
To donate directly to the Pink Ribbon organization, click here.

What are the signs of breast cancer?

It is very important to recognize breast cancer symptoms in time so that it can be diagnosed as early as possible. But how can their signs be recognized? The following signs may indicate cancer: 

A swelling (lump) in the chest
One of the most common symptoms is a “lump”. But what is it exactly? It is a thickening in the chest that feels different than the lumpiness that you can normally notice. When you feel a lump that does not disappear quickly, it is wise to make an appointment with your doctor.

A swelling (lump) in the chest
There are a few signs around the nipple that may be symptoms of breast cancer. These are: thickened skin of the nipple, retracted nipple, pain, fluid coming from the nipple and ulcers on/around it. Changes in the chest 
The following changes in the breast may indicate breast cancer: change in the texture of the skin, dents in the skin, a painful area where the tissue feels different, the chest feels warm and look red, a poor healing spot and fairly sudden changes in shape and size of the breast.               

Together we can fight for a breast cancer free world!
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