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Home  > Top 5 Most Comfortable Bras: Seamless & Wireless By MAGIC Bodyfashion

Top 5 Most Comfortable Bras: Seamless & Wireless By MAGIC Bodyfashion

Top 5 Most Comfortable Bras: Seamless & Wireless By MAGIC Bodyfashion Bras that are supporting as well as comfortable, that sounds like a dream! But it is a reality at MAGIC Bodyfashion, with its full collection of seamless and wireless bras. When designing bras, shapewear and other underwear items, comfort and support are the main priorities at MAGIC Bodyfashion. We want to make sure that every woman feels comfortable, beautiful and confident in our products. Especially during days like these, when you are staying home, we want you to feel relaxed all day long.
This article is all about the seamless and wireless bras in our collection. Read all about them below:

  1. The Comfort Bra
The first item that we think about when it comes to seamless and wireless bras is our Comfort Bra. Made with soft, light and breathable fabrics, this is the ideal bra if you are looking for something comfortable to relax in. The bra comes with removable cups, which provides a natural shape and added support to your breasts. There are no seams and not a single wire, which not only makes it comfortable, but also does not show the bra under your outfits. The wide straps in the comfort bra divide the bust weight over a larger area, hence providing more comfort. You can wear the Comfort Bra to relax on your couch or even to do some yoga or light sports at home!

We also have a special
Pink Ribbon edition of the Comfort Bra in our collection, which was launched in collaboration with the Pink Ribbon Organization in order to raise awareness towards Breast Cancer. We have decided to donate 1 euro for every Pink Ribbon Comfort Bra sold. Due to enormous success after October 2019, we decided to continue selling the Pink Ribbon edition of the Comfort Bra and we will be continuing to donate to the Pink Ribbon Organization as well!
  1. The Dream Bra
Another ultra-comfy and soft bra that cannot be missed in your closet, is our Dream Bra. This bra is made of a smooth and seamless material, does not contain a wire and has a nice comfortable fit. The Dream bra comes in multiple colors and you can perfectly combine it with panties from the Dream Collection.  The removable cups in the bra give you nice cleavage and a natural shaping effect while also providing the ideal support. There is no closure in the bra which means no painful pressure on your back.

Not only does the Dream Bra come in several cute colors, it is also available in a lace design: the Dream Bra Lace!
The Dream Bra Lace is available in black, white and blush pink, and perfect to mix and match with the Dream Thong Lace and Hipster Lace.
  1. The Dream Bralette
Just like the Dream Bra, the Dream Bralette from the Dream Collection is one of the seamless and wireless bras, made up of a smooth and soft fabric. This seamless design ensures that it will make you feel comfortable all day long. The Dream Bralette is one of the cutest and most popular bras in our collection!

This beautiful Dream Bralette comes in multiple colors, and also in
velvet and lace variations. You have so many options to choose from and you can also combine it with other items from the Dream Collection.
  1. The Bandeau Push-Up Bra
The Comfort Bandeau is an ultimate bra for when you are looking for a comfortable strapless bra. Just like the Comfort Bra, the Comfort Bandeau is made of soft, light and breathable fabric which makes it a comfortable wear all day long. The Comfort Bandeau gives the bust beautiful curves due to the built-in and removable push-up cushions. It is perfect to wear with any strapless style outfit, or cute to wear under a nice jacket. The fully seamless and wireless design will keep you comfortable while giving you a chic stylish look!

  1. The Body Hugging Bamboo Collection
The Body Hugging Bamboo collection is one the sustainable collections by MAGIC Bodyfashion. Not only is The Body Hugging Bamboo collection sustainable, it is also extremely comfortable. Currently in this collection, you can find the Comfort Bra, the Comfort Bra – Spaghetti and the Bandeau Push-Up Bra. The Body Hugging Bamboo Collection of MAGIC Bodyfashion is made with natural, green and eco-friendly Tanboocel™ Bamboo fibers. The unique properties of bamboo fabric (softness, better ventilation than cotton, moisture absorbent and antiallergenic) combined with the durability of the fabric provide a perfect alternative to traditional textiles. These bras have built-in support and wireless design. The removable inlay cups take care of a perfect bust shape.

Stay stylish and comfy with these wireless and seamless bras by MAGIC Bodyfashion. With these comfortable bra options, we are sure that you will have the utmost comfort while you are relaxing or working from home.
Find the full Seamless & Wireless Collection by MAGIC Bodyfashion
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