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Shoulder pads




  • Sporty
  • Subtle
  • Natural
MAGIC Shoulderpads

€ 16,99

MAGIC Shoulders

Create that classic look with the Shoulder Pads by MAGIC Bodyfashion. Inspired by 80's trends, the Shoulder Pads are one of the first items ever designed and sold by MAGIC Bodyfashion, and to this day, it remains very popular! Give a nice natural boost to your shoulders with the Natural Shoulder Pads, or go for that sporty look with the Sporty Shoulder Pads. The Shoulder Pads have a hidden opening inside where you can out the bra straps, ensuring the pads will stay in place. 

Looking for a solution for painful shouders due to bra straps? Check out the Shoulder Cushions in our Accessories Collection!

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