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We Expanded Our Sustainable Collection

We Expanded Our Sustainable Collection
We are happy to announce that we have expanded our sustainable collection with our newest sustainable products: The DREAM ORGANICS *applause*. You are already aware that MAGIC Bodyfashion is working hard on becoming more and more sustainable through the entire company since the last few years. Not only through our sustainable collections, but on several other ways. But, more about that later!

First of all, introducing our Dream Organics collection. The Dream Organic collection consists of the following: The Dream Organics Hipster, The Dream Organics Panty and The Dream Organics Thong. This collection is made of natural and eco-friendly material which is much breathable and softer than traditional fabric. Due to the lightweight and soft fabric, it feels like a second skin and the seamless design makes it completely invisible under your outfits!

So, what exactly is this eco-friendly material? Let us explain that to you! The Dream Organics are made with Modal fabric, which is a semi-synthetic fabric made from beech tree pulp that is blended with other fibers. Modal is considered a more eco-friendly alternative to cotton because beech trees don’t require much water to grow and therefore the production process uses about 10-20 times less water. Modal is made from regenerative plants and there are fewer chemicals used in the production process than with other types of rayon Hence, not only the fabric is eco-friendly but the process is sustainable as well. 

Don’t you think this is amazing?

Are you interested in this collection? Then click here.....

Do you want to know more about our goals and steps towards a sustainable future at MAGIC? Then read on! And become inspired and motivated with us! Always feel free to give us some tips to even reach a higher level of sustainability goals! You may reach out to us via our social media channels.
Now, let’s show you around our company and some of our achievements regarding sustainability so far. And you know the sky is the limit so if you are wondering if we will keep on focusing on a more sustainable future, the answer is YES! 

Let’s start with our management! 

Less traveling by the management globally! Yes,  it’s important for a company to keep in close contact with your suppliers and customers but so is taking care of the environment! So, at MAGIC, we decided to reduce the traveling as much as possible. Our Management now tries to combine appointments and meetings when traveling and have online appointments whenever possible.

Small changes with large impacts

A huge step that we took a while ago is the full automatization of customer orders. This change reduced an enormous amount of paper copies. We definitely helped save some trees there! As much as we were satisfied about this step, we wanted to keep doing better. So, we brainstormed further to reduce even more paper and quit printing a lot of our internal documents and emails and fully digitalized our brochure! And furthermore, only print color copies if really needed! We are working on some more goals there for 2021!
And YES, we are keeping up those skype and zoom calls up! So, no more unnecessary driving.

Logistical changes

Our inbound and outbound process has changed in various good ways! Let’s kick off with our packaging, wihoeeeee!! We changed our packaging to FSC approved master carton packaging! No more bleached carton for the good look! We are also working with biodegradable packing slips & closure tape! On top of that, we use recycled paper & recycled PP to fill up cartons!
Furthermore, besides our improved packaging, we use less Air transportation and are increasing Sea transportation with nominated carriers! And to top this part off, we use direct transportation towards our company from the harbor! So, let’s say goodbye to unnecessary moving our products around. 

We hope you are with us in our journey in becoming more sustainable and that you are interested in working on a future together! We know that we have got a lot more to do, and together we can achieve our goals.

Click here for all our sustainable collections..... or maybe you would like to know first a bit more about our sustainable collections and why we made the choices we made:

Eco-friendly, sustainable, bio-degradable, ethical…. these are some of the terms that you are hearing a lot these days, and that for a very good reason. Sustainability is now more important than it has ever been, in order to save our planet. There are lots of things that you can do every single day to help our environment, making changes in the food we eat to the clothes we wear! So have you started making sustainable choices yet?  click here for the entire blog: MAGIC Cares: Taking Steps Towards Sustainable Fashion

With Love,

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