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MAGIC Accessories

Discover the wide range of accessories by MAGIC Bodyfashion. From the iconic Shoulder Pads from the 80's style to Silicone Nipple Covers, you can find a lot of very useful accessories in our collections. Most of these accessories by MAGIC Bodyfashion are simply clever tricks that make it easier for you on special occasion as well as every day. 

Nipple Covers

For instance, you can use The Magic Hide Your Nipples to completely cover your nipples. They are made of soft and comfortable fabric and the adhesive high quality silicone provides a perfect solution to make sure the Nipple Covers stay in place. The middle part of the Nipple Cover is left silicone free to prevent any discomforts to the nipple area. The product is easy to apply, easy to remove and easy to take care of. Clean the product with water after usage and let it air dry. You can even use it while swimming! 

Bra Accessories

Besides these, you can find several useful accessories that will enhance your bra such as the MAGIC Clip, MAGIC Straps, MAGIC Cups, Bra Extender, etc.