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Face Masks: Here to Stay? 

Face Masks: Here to Stay? 

Many people, and news sources, seem to think that protective face masks are here to stay. Yes, I know you’ve heard and read a lot about this topic over the past months, and that’s for a very important reason. We as humans bear the responsibility to take care of ourselves and to protect the welfare of others. We should all have the same goal in mind and want this pandemic to be over as soon as possible.

As one of the worlds largest body solution brands, we knew at the beginning of the pandemic that we had a social responsibility to do our part in the battle against Coronavirus. That is when we started producing our own Protective Face Mask collection with the added filter inserts for further protection. The face masks were only one part of our fight against this virus. We also fully complied with the new regulations and guidelines by implementing more remote working, more organized cleaning and sanitizing procedures, social distanced work environments, and other procedures in order to stay in business for our valued customers and employees. 

Although the future is uncertain, we plan for these new regulations and procedures to set us up for a future of safer and cleaner working environments. Something as simple as wearing face masks and a more rigorous cleaning regimen could help prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses amongst co-workers and customers. For this reason, we truly believe that Protective Face Masks are here to stay. This doesn’t mean that everyone will wear them all the time, but as we move forward more people will use them out in public when they are feeling sick. Face masks will be as normal to own as it is to have medicine in your cabinet for when you are feeling ill. Not all will make these changes, but those who recognize the impact that could be made will.

While planning the launch of our MAGIC Face Masks, we brainstormed ways in which we could help those in need of support during these difficult times. So, we immediately began to look for different ways in which we could help. Continue reading to learn how we have been able to provide support so far:

“Together, we stand strong against corona”

Spain is one of the most affected countries in Europe, and to this day still have very strict regulations when it comes to wearing face masks in public places. This includes schools, which require mandatory face masks for teachers & parents who bring their kids to school, but also for all the kids in attendance.

Knowing this, we searched for schools that are affected by these new regulations and could use a helping hand. That is when we came in contact with CEIP “Virgen del Salido”, a local school in Carrizosa, Spain. Since kids sized masks are not as common as adult sizes, and can be more difficult to find especially in small towns, MAGIC Bodyfashion knew there was an opportunity for us to make an impact for those associated with this school. We immediately offered to donate MAGIC Face Masks for the teachers and students to use.

With it being summer holiday in Spain, we know the school season is right around the corner, so we made sure to deliver the masks now in preparation for the new school year. Now all the kids and teachers will have their masks ready for the beginning of the new school year! We are very happy to share that CEIP “Virgen del Salido” already received our donation and is ready for a safe September in school!

So, what do you think? Ready to fight this pandemic together? The more help we get from you, the more help we can offer to the people that need it the most! At MAGIC we sell 3 different sizes and 9 different styles of face masks that are all made of soft and breathable fabrics! How does that sound to you? 

Our masks also comply with the FFP1 protection level when you wear our mask together with the MAGIC Face Mask Filters. The CE certified filters must be changed every 3 hours. Our masks feature adjustable straps, inserted metal strips to adjust the fit around the nose, and many attractive colors & prints! Don’t forget the fact that you can wash these masks for multiple use! We really have created a solution that is fashionable and above all, safe!

So, let’s stay safe together! Think about your friends, family, neighbors, the cashier, nurses and all those strangers out there that also deserve an amazing future!


When wearing a protective face mask, please take the following wear & use tips into consideration:
MAGIC Face Masks are only effective when used in combination with frequent hand-cleaning using alcohol-based hand soap and water.

1. Wash your hands with soap first.
2. Remove replacement filter and throw away if filter has been used for max 3 hours.
3. Clean face with soap thoroughly.
4. Hand wash the mask and hang until dry.
5. Wash your hands.
6. If preferred iron the reusable mask (only without inside filter).
7. Insert new replacement filter (only use FFP1 certified replacement filters – CE approved).

Also interested in how MAGIC is taking steps towards sustainable fashion? MAGIC CARES

Sustainable fashion is one of the latest transitions in the fashion and textile industry. In the sustainable fashion scene, it’s not just about eco-friendly fabrics but also the whole sustainable process that goes into creating the products. For instance, using recycled materials, sourcing raw materials locally, reduced use of water during production, etc. At MAGIC,  we are very aware of the demand of sustainable fashion and have already set our missions towards that direction by launching two very special Eco-friendly collections: Body Hugging Bamboo Collection  &  DSIRED Luxury Slimmers Collection with REPREVE®. READ THE BLOG


Interested in the other charities we support? Like PINK RIBBON?

MAGIC Bodyfashion is known for the slogan ‘By Women, for Women’ and we support women of all ages, size and origin; which is why we love to support organizations like Pink Ribbon. An organization that has been supporting women for many years in their battle against breast cancer. Although this disease affects not only women; we want to help raise awareness and support their mission to create a breast cancer-free world. READ THE BLOG 

See you soon!

With Love, MAGIC Bodyfashion

NIPPLE COVERS; what to do with them?

A blog about nipple covers?!? Is that even a thing? Well it is now, and you may be a small (but important) part of history if you’re reading this! Great, now that I’ve hyped you up, let’s get down to business. Nipple covers are amazing! They really are! If you don’t believe me, it’s because of one of the following reasons:

  1. You’ve never used nipple covers
  2. You’ve never used GOOD nipple covers
  3. You’ve never used the right style of nipple covers for your personal taste

*Small disclosure before reading on* Because of the nature of this blog post, I noticed that I use the word nipple a, a whole lot…more than I ever thought I would in my life, but I’m not sure how else I could get the point across without using it so much. Anyways, I’ve decided just to warn you ahead of time, so hopefully you can have a laugh as you read on and imagine me sitting here behind my laptop writing this masterpiece for you and the rest of the world.

Before we get into all the different styles of nipple covers that MAGIC offers (because let’s be honest, that’s really my end game here), I want to touch on a few of the reasons mentioned above. First off, if you’ve never used nipple covers in your are NOT alone..ahh, doesn’t that feel good? To know that there is someone out there that is just like you. Well, maybe not just like you…but I think you get the point. When it comes to fashion, most of us stick to the basics and barely venture out into unfamiliar territories. Today is the day to change this and try something new. I will go over some of our different solutions below, and hopefully you find one or two that you think can become an essential part of your wardrobe. 

For those of you who have never used GOOD nipple covers, I am sincerely sorry from the deepest and most sincere part of my heart (yeah, I know that’s a weird thing to say, sorry but there will be more of that). Unfortunately, sometimes we come across a product that we truly think will be amazing and surpass all of our hopes and dreams. Then once we finally have it and try it out, our hopes and dreams are crushed, and we are so hurt that we are never to trust the product or solution again. Ladies, we’ve all been disappointed by products that promise us the world only to fall short. Whether it’s because of terrible quality, isn’t as comfortable as advertised, or just doesn’t work as it should. I am here to say, don’t blame the solution, blame the brand. If you find it in your heart to trust again, I implore you to trust the MAGIC solutions we talk about in just a few seconds.

If you fall under the 4th reason, and you haven’t used the right style of nipple covers for your personal taste, then this is the perfect blog for you! Our nipple cover solutions come in many sizes, colors, materials, with lift, without lift, extra support, adhesive, non-adhesive…well, I think you get the point, there are so many options to choose from! Keep reading to learn more!

Before we move on to the different styles of nipple covers, let’s talk about some of the reasons to wear them. 

  1. They are perfect for tight dresses where a normal bra would show through, but you still want to practice some modesty and hide your nipples
  2. You have the most beautiful backless dress, and you would rather try a nipple cover solution over a regular backless bra (which we also offer)  
  3. You are a model or influencer and you need a comfortable pair of nipple covers you can wear for your photoshoot (they will stay on as long as you need!)
  4. You have a favorite comfortable everyday bra (like our MAGIC comfort bra) but your nipple still shows through the fabric, and our nipple cover solutions are perfect to solve that problem

Whatever your reasons are (I’m sure there are many more than mentioned above) I’m sure you will find the solution for you below! Here are some of our favorite nipple cover solutions (there are many more in our collection, view them on our website):

The (silicone) Lift Covers

I’ll start off with my personal favorite, the Silicone Lift Covers. As you can imagine, these are made of a soft silicone material, and feature a small flap that is used to add a nice lift support to your breasts. The adhesive layer on the covers and flap is soft and comfortable to wear, and when used properly will stay in place all day. What do I mean by worn properly? Well, when using any of our adhesive solutions, it is EXTREMELY important to ensure the area you are putting them on is completely clean from all dirt, makeup, perfumes, lotions, and oils. I’m sure you get the point and can imagine why this is so important.

These covers are made in different sizes & materials and can be used multiple times if you take good care of them. The care instructions are included on the box, but are as simple as follows:

  • Wash them with lukewarm water and let them air-dry after using them 
  • Once they are dry, stick the protective foil back onto the adhesive part of the covers. 

TIP: You can even swim with these beauties.

The Heart Covers

Have you ever bought the perfect dress for your big night out and were already over budget before buying shoes, or other accessories? No problem! Nipple covers are not very expensive and are perfect to help “complete the look”. THE MAGIC HEART COVERS are perfect to use for a day/night out in a gala dress, or even underneath your basic white tee. The Heart Covers come with a pack of 3, including a pair of Satin covers, Glitter covers, and Lace covers. Each pair are heart shaped and look good covered or uncovered depending on your outfit. The glitter covers are perfect for your gala, the lace ones for your B-day, and the satin ones for your third date? Or however you choose to use them.

These covers are designed with no adhesive in the middle to ensure you have no irritation around your nipples. The edges are thin and are completely indivisible under your outfit. Keep in mind, the heart covers are disposable and are meant to be used once. For reusable nipple covers, view the entire collection.

Silicone Nipple Covers

The silicone nipple covers feel like a second skin. These covers completely hide your nipples with the thin silicone gel but are comfortable at the same time. We designed this solution with a soft silicone which gives the breasts a nice, natural, impression by minimizing nipples that are too pronounced. These covers can be worn with or without a bra and are meant to be re-usable with the proper use & care as mentioned above.

Well, this blog is coming to an end, but remember that these few options are just the beginning of our nipple covers collection. If you are interested in the entire collection make sure to take a look at our website. If it turns out that this is not the MAGIC solution for you, but you are interested in other products, learn more about our brand and our body solutions by reading some of our other blogs:

PSSSTTT......TREND ALERT: Lace Must Haves For Summer 

SUMMER HAS ARRIVED!! And that’s why after looking through the window today we realized it was time for some Lace Must Haves for this summer. The weather looks amazing and so should we.  This means it’s time for a little closet make-over! Did someone say closet makeover??? YESSSSS WE DID! 

It should not be a secret anymore and for some of you trend lovers it probably won’t be, but this summer it’s time to go crazy with all the beautiful lace outfits. Because who doesn’t like lace? It basically always takes your outfit to the next level. Sometimes just a tiny detail of lace can finish your look of the day! Let’s take a plain pair of jeans for example, paired with a lace top and a simple jacket over it… Too simple? Or extremely classy?! Let’s give you some MAGIC inspiration with our favorite Lace products of this year!  

Our top 5 Summer Must-Haves for This Summer: TAKE A LOOK

Or are you just bored, and that is the only reason you are reading blogs now? Then read the blog about our favorite staycation ideas!  10 Staycation Ideas: Spend Your Holidays at Home


We hope you enjoyed reading!

See you soon!

With Love, MAGIC Bodyfashion

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