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Specialty Bras


Multiway Bra
  • 1: 75A/70B
  • 2: 80A/75B/70C
  • 3: 85A/80B/75C/70D
  • 4: 85B/80C/75D/80D
Multiway Bra

€ 34,99

  • 70A
  • 70B
  • 70C
  • 70D
  • 75A
  • 75B
  • 75C
  • 75D
  • 80A
  • 80B
  • 80C
  • 80D
  • 85A
  • 85B
  • 85C
  • 85D

€ 39,99

Specialty Bras MAGIC Bodyfashion

MAGIC Bodyfashion has a wide range of Special Bras to wear under special outfits. The V-bra is the perfect special bra for that low neckline or a plunging neckline dress that you have been dreaming of wearing! With the low cut V-bra, you can show off that perfect cleavage and still have the ultimate support from your bra. The V-bra comes with an additional adjustable strap which makes it even more versatile. Or would you be interested in a V-neckline shapewear? If so, then make sure to check out the V-Body and V-Dress in our shapewear collection

Multiway Bra

Next on the Special Bras is the Multiway Bra, and as the name says it, it can be worn in multiple ways. You can adjust the bra in any way you like it, as it can be worn in 9 different ways. 9 bras in 1! This is the perfect bra for any kind of top or dress, strapless, low back, off-shoulders, halter, one-shoulder and much more.  Not only is this bra extremely versatile, it is also made with a super smooth material that will give you a comforable feeling.

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