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Boob Tape
Let’s imagine the following scenario: You are out shopping and see a top or dress which instantly catches your eye. You approach the product, see it from up close and start doubting by saying: ”I don’t have the right bra to go with that…”. Well, there is no need to worry about this anymore. Instead of putting the product back on the rack and adjusting your shopping behavior because of bras we introduce you to the wonderful world of Boob Tape.

Of course, there are other solutions to that problem, such as using Nipple Covers, or stick-on bras but let’s be honest: Sometimes they just don’t cut it. Moreover, it can turn out to be tricky to find the one ideal bra which matches every single neckline, backless and shoulder-off top or dress.

But what exactly is Boob Tape? Glad you asked.

Technically, Boob Tape is essentially a wide adhesive tape, which supports and shapes your breasts. Celebrities have been using it for years, and Beyonce, Pink or Kim Kardashian are well-known for utilizing it as a fix. Boob Tape, which can improve your appearance in any top or dress carries a lot of amazing qualities, such as;
  • Being the perfect lifting solution for your breasts without wearing a bra
  • Not irritating the skin or nipples due to the adhesive silicone layer
  • The flexibility to be cut to the desired length and to be used in different creative ways
  • The tape can be worn until maximum of 12 hours (party all night!) and gives full support
  • The boob tape gives a soft stretch, so it can be put on the skin smoodly
  • Made with cotton and elastan for great breathability
  • Our Boob Tape consists with a package of 5 meter, so you have a nice stock to go to!
So, it’s about time for you to try the
MAGIC Boob Tape to wave those problems goodbye.

As already mentioned is the Boob Tape the ideal solution for invisible styling under any backless, strapless or daring outfits while supporting your breasts. The tape's firmness makes it simple to stick to the skin, and it has a silicone adhesive layer that can cover your nipples without bothering your skin. The length of the roll of tape is 5 meters, and it is 6.50 cm wide and available in three different colors, which are latte, mocha and caramel. Moreover, the tape can be used in a variety of ways to achieve the ideal cleavage and lift to fit every top or dress.

Now, let’s learn more about how to apply the MAGIC Boob Tape, shall we?

Step 1 : Make a Patch Test
By conducting a patch test, you may find out how the tape's glue affects your skin and whether it will irritate you or not. This is very important to find out before applying the tape all over your breasts. How to conduct a patch test? Simply cut a small piece of Boob Tape and stick it somewhere on your skin, preferably around your chest area. Keep the small piece on your skin for as long as you would wear the MAGIC Boob Tape in general or up to 24 hours. 

Step 2 : Make sure the skin where you want to apply the Boob Tape is clean and dry
Now, it’s time to prepare your skin accordingly. Your skin should be clean, dry, and free of any oils and lotions. Otherwise, the MAGIC Boob Tape might not stick properly.

Step 3 : Apply the Boob Tape
Now, let’s continue to applying the tape. First, you might consider to use our Nipple Covers just to give your nipples some extra protection. However, this is not particularly necessary. Depending on the type of top or dress you want to wear, cut the tape to the desired length remove the bottom part of the paper lining from the tape very carefully. Next, adhere the tape to your breast, then slowly remove the remaining part of the paper while moving upwards. Finally, lift the breast by pulling the tape upwards and then adhere to the skin. As a little tip: Use one piece of tape on each side and another on the center of your breasts for the most comfortable fit and best results. Also, the MAGIC Boob Tape can be used for up to 12 hours every day!

However, we thought it’s nice for you to know just some of the multiple ways with which you can wear our MAGIC Boob Tape. Let’s dive in:

Backless tops and dresses
You can simply apply a few vertical strips going upward from the base of your breast up to your collar bone or however high you can go with your dress for a backless outfit where your side boob isn't an issue. In essence, you'll be forming a triangle.

Strapless tops and dresses
For this version, use thinner, shorter strips that don't extend as high as the version before. You can also apply one to two horizontal strips across the chest from left to right for further support. More lift and support will result from doing this.
More cleavage
To show off more cleavage, you should make vertical strips and pull your breasts inward. You can do the horizontal strips and pull the tape to create cleavage across your chest if your neckline isn't plunging.

Low cut dresses and tops
Apply vertical strips to the furthest area of your chest for low-cut gowns to draw your chest inward for cleavage and lift where you need it.

But how to remove the Boob Tape without hurting the breasts and the surrounding area?

Simply use some body or baby oil! Yes, you heard it right. Soak the tape which you applied on your breasts in baby or body oil and watch it become loose and easy to remove by grabbing the tape and gently taking it off.

Now, you are all set to dive into the world of Boob Tape. Enjoy buying any top or dress you like without worrying about additionally having to buy the fitting bra!

Until next time,

MAGIC Bodyfashion


All You Need To Know About Our Latest Coffee Solutions

At MAGIC Bodyfashion we strive to achieve 80% sustainable business by 2025. From the start of this year, meaning 2022, all of our new and future released collections have and will have sustainable properties. We are the first ever brand to introduce sustaianable solutions.

By the way, How do you start most of your mornings? Let me guess. A good cup of coffee, am I right? Did you know that our daily coffee consumption generates a large amount of coffee grounds on a daily basis? You did? Well, but I bet you didn’t know that coffee grounds are not only used as plant fertilizers or room deodorizers but are also incorporated in clothing material.

We introduce to you our latest Coffee Solutions which are made with the S.Café technology. Plus, they are just perfect for all your summer outfits!

But what is the S.Café technology about?

Well, glad that you asked!

To shortly sum up, S.Café can be described as a material which is created from a mix of discarded coffee grounds and polyester. The coffee grounds are mixed with the polyester yarn surface in a low-temperature, high-pressure, and energy-saving process. As a plus, it adds attributes like UV protection, and odor control. Fun fact: When compared to cotton, the drying time is 200 percent faster thanks to the coffee which moves the moisture to the outer surface and away from the skin! And the best thing: It is completely sustainable!

Our S.Café summer solutions are the perfect pick for all your low-cut, shoulder-off tops and dresses! From now on you don’t have to worry about uncomfortable bras and annoying bra straps ruining your look. 

Let’s have a look at our different S.Café summer solutions and which outfits you can wear with them, shall we?

The Beverly Hills Secrets are ultra thin and friendly to your skin while sticking onto your breast throughout the whole day. You won’t even notice you are wearing them! Also, one might even say they feel like a second skin ;) Furthermore, their shape is especially convenient for low cut dresses and tops! You can choose between a variety of colors, so that it stays invisible under any color type of clothing.

Is your top or dress backless or daring? Well, in that case the Celebrities Breast Tapes are the perfect match, since they lift your breasts and cover your nipples completely without the need of an actual bra! Just as the previous MAGIC Bodyfashion solution, the tape is skin-friendly and sticks to your breast throughout the whole day! Since they are for one-time use only, the package holds two sets which consist of four breast tapes and one pair of secret covers.

In case you want to wear a backless, or off-shoulder dress or top and to additionally support your bust by shaping the line to prevent your breasts from sagging and disrupting your look, we recommend getting the Freedom Form

Last but not least, the Secret Covers. Unlike the previous mentioned solutions, are the Secret Covers nipple covers which aim to prevent sore nipples throughout the day. You can wear them either on its own with an evening dress or under your bra for extra covering! Moreover, they are water-resistant, meaning you can also wear them under your sports bra or your bikini while swimming! The center of the covers is adhesive free to protect the nipples and for additional comfort. The package comes with six pairs for one time use. 

Now, you are all set up and informed about the S.Café technology and our coffee solutions! 

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog.

Together, let’s be committed to making a material difference for our beloved planet.

MAGIC Bodyfashion
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