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Summer Shapewear styles you must have!


Summer Shapewear styles you must have! Maybe shapewear is not the first thing you think of with the hot summer days. We can imagine that you want to dress as light, soft and comfortable as possible. For over 30 years we developed shapewear collections for everyday wear. Made of high quality materials and available in every skin tone. Do you want to look snatched and rock every summer outfit? , then you must check out these summer shapewear essentials ;) Struggling to find the perfect summer shapewear? Discover the must-have summer shapewear styles in our exclusive Luxury Shapers collection! Made with thin and lightweight materials, these shapewear styles are ideal for the summer days. The Tone Your Body Cami and Tank Top are the perfect basics for under any summer dress or top. Both tops offer firm support to the tummy and back. The bust is free of shaping, making it easy to wear this top with your own bra.  The Tone Your Body tops can also be combined with the Ultra-Thin Power Thong and Short . The Ultra-Thin Power Short provides medium support to the lower abdomen, back and thighs. The firm transparent fabric feels like a second skin and provides invisible styling under clothing. The Ultra-Thin Power Thong is a high-cut thong made of a firm transparent fabric. This thong provides medium support to the lower abdomen and back. If you are looking for firm shaping shapewear styles, our Dream Shapers Collection is the perfect collection. All styles of this collection offer firm shaping and have a seamless design with laser-cut holes for breathability.  A popular style within this collection is the Dream Shaper Short , featuring firm shaping of the lower back, tummy and upper legs. For more support all over the body, the Dream Shaper Bodysuit and Dream Shaper Bodybriefer are the perfect shapewear items. Both styles are perfect to wear underneath dresses and skirts. Are you a summer dress lover who wants to look flawless and...

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Trending: how to style our MAGIC Shoulderpads


Trending: how to style our MAGIC Shoulderpads In case you missed the big shoulder pad trend, we are here to announce its back in! Are you a fan or not? That is the question with this recurring trend. We know shoulder pads as one of  the biggest and most well-known fashion trends of all time. This is a fashion statement that goes back to the 80s. A real comeback. The question is what is everyone waiting for? Because we’re into it! We are ready for this trend. With our MAGIC Shoulderpads you can create the ultimate wide shoulder look. In the current era of female empowerment, this powerful statement cannot be missed. Our shoulder pads comes in three different styles: a subtle, natural and sporty style. So you can create the style that fits exactly with and for you. Read more about our shoulder pads below.   How to use your shoulderpads? This trend has developed over the years in a way that we not only see in jackets, but also for under tops and as an accessory. Shoulder pads do a lot for your figure.  By creating a larger shoulder area, you put more emphasis on the waist and the rest of your body. You might have noticed the on-going trend in wearing oversized blazers. Most of the time the shoulder padding is already incorporated. With our  Shoulderpads you can give your outfit a little more body.   Go natural or subtle The natural and subtle shoulder pads give a minimal and casual effect to the shoulders. The difference between the two styles is in the size of the padding. The Natural shoulder padding is slightly larger and covers the entire shoulder. Perfect for those outfits where you want to create a nice natural look. Wear the shoulder padding with a nice blouse and cute jeans and your outfit is complete.  The subtle shoulder pads are slightly shorter giving you a bit more of an effect....

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The Best Cozy Wear for Autumn Days

  Jashar     07-11-2022  

The Best Cozy Wear for Autumn Days After the unbearable summer heat this past summer season, crisp autumn days are finally ahead of us for the next few months. Now that it’s getting chillier, we tend to look for something more cozier, something that makes us feel at ease and comfortable. Whether it be something short-sleeved to wear at home or long-sleeved to wear out, we at MAGIC Bodyfashion we have exactly that! Are you looking for something to wear when at home, after a long day of work, just wanting to sit on the couch or lay down in bed, watching your favorite show or movie, while feeling comfortable? Then we have the perfect solution for you. Our Cozy Collection has the perfect products that will satisfy all your needs when wanting to feel nothing but comfort. Our Cozy Crop Top is a perfect top that can be worn while laying down on the bed or sitting on the couch, having a nice cup of tea or coffee in your hand and watching a nice series or movie. The crop top is made out of eco-friendly and super soft modal fabric and it has a fashionable cropped length and V-neck with a thin spaghetti strap. A nice added touch is the lace finish on top of the top. Furthermore, we have the Cozy Cami which is made from the same eco-friendly and super soft modal fabric as the Crop top. The Cami’s length is the length like a normal t-shirt. The Cami is just as perfect for when wanting comfort at home and it can be worn as underwear for the cold winter days, as outerwear or even as nightwear when wanting that nice comfortable feel when sleeping. For people that need a longer sleeve, the Cozy Shirt is the perfect solution for you. Made out of the same eco-friendly fabric as the Cami and the Crop top, the shirt is perfect for someone that needs that extra fabric around their arms. The shirt is perfect for home wear or nightwear. If you are looking for nice and comfortable pants to give with the tops that we mentioned above, we advise you to check out the Cozy...

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The Best Hosiery For Autumn

  Jashar     28-09-2022  

The Best Hosiery For Autumn Hey girl, are you ready to see the leaves falling down? Autumn is coming! Now that it’s getting a little colder, we can finally start dressing a little thicker and layer our clothes as well. Fall calls for combining Tights and Leggings with our clothes to create the perfect look! Here at MAGIC, we help you create the perfect layering looks which you’ll be able to rock all around Autumn. Are you ready to feel the full MAGIC experience? Don’t ditch those Skirts you still wanted to wear in Summer just yet. Keep all those fierce Skirt looks you have planned out coming while wearing our MAGIC Incredible Legs black tights. For fall, Hosiery is all there is. A black tight will not only keep you warm from colder temperatures but also polish your outfit. Going for that specific look but missing a statement piece? Try our Incredible Legs in Trendy or Pretty . Our Incredible Legs come in not only two styles but five. Besides the Trendy and Pretty, there is also the Chevron style, Diamond , giving off a little bit of a Fishnet, which can be paired perfectly with a dress or a Skirt and lastly the Fancy . All of our Tights can not only be used for more elegant looks but also for looks when you want to lounge around. Leggings are just a staple in a wardrobe as jeans are. Why? For us at MAGIC, they are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing someone can own. Whether you want to dress a little fancier and elevate your outfit or dress more casual, Leggings are always a great and comfortable option! Our MAGIC Leather Look Legging for example, the perfect legging to put on when wanting to elevate an outfit. Perfect for more fancier occasions like a Dinner Party, Thanksgiving or even Christmas which makes it perfect to wear for several hours without feeling uncomfortable. The legging is easy to combine with whatever look you’re going for. Want to wear a jeans for a longer...

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All About Period Underwear

  Julia and Linda     01-09-2022  

All About Period Underwear It’s that time of the month again. During our period we women have to deal with period cramps, cravings, mood swings and so many other things. But most importantly we have to make sure we take care of our menstrual flow. Every woman has a different preference for how she wants to take care of her period. The most common ways are the use of pads, tampons, or menstrual cups. But have you ever tried period underwear? Yes, you heard right. Period underwear. We understand that you may be sceptical about using only underwear during your period but we will explain exactly why you should give them a go! Before we dive more into period panties, we do want to point out that MAGIC’s panties are also suitable as maternity underwear. To give you extra comfort and support during and after pregnancy. First of all, what is period underwear? Period underwear, also known as period panties, are pants you put on when you're on your period to start or stop your flow, or to use as a backup on days when it's particularly heavy. Period panties are designed to hold the equivalent of three tampons! Crazy, right?! Furthermore, they are made with extra layers and special fabrics in the private area to absorb menstrual blood without looking bulky and making it obvious you are wearing period panties. Most importantly, they are reusable options that can be washed, worn again, and washed again! This makes them both environmentally friendly and smart from an economic perspective since you can reuse period panties for up to 2-5 years! They are suitable to use by everyone. May you be a woman who prefers to use the panties as a back-up on your heavy days, a woman who just started her period and wants an easy beginning to her period journeys - since tampons can be quite intimidating let’s be honest -, a mama who just gave birth or a woman who is not on her period but may be ovulating and experiences an increase in vaginal discharge: The panties are your...

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Boob Tape

  Julia     26-08-2022  

Boob Tape Let’s imagine the following scenario: You are out shopping and see a top or dress which instantly catches your eye. You approach the product, see it from up close and start doubting by saying: ”I don’t have the right bra to go with that…”. Well, there is no need to worry about this anymore. Instead of putting the product back on the rack and adjusting your shopping behavior because of bras we introduce you to the wonderful world of Boob Tape. Of course, there are other solutions to that problem, such as using Nipple Covers, or stick-on bras but let’s be honest: Sometimes they just don’t cut it. Moreover, it can turn out to be tricky to find the one ideal bra which matches every single neckline, backless and shoulder-off top or dress. But what exactly is Boob Tape? Glad you asked. Technically, Boob Tape is essentially a wide adhesive tape, which supports and shapes your breasts. Celebrities have been using it for years, and Beyonce, Pink or Kim Kardashian are well-known for utilizing it as a fix. Boob Tape, which can improve your appearance in any top or dress carries a lot of amazing qualities, such as; Being the perfect lifting solution for your breasts without wearing a bra Not irritating the skin or nipples due to the adhesive silicone layer The flexibility to be cut to the desired length and to be used in different creative ways The tape can be worn until maximum of 12 hours (party all night!) and gives full support The boob tape gives a soft stretch, so it can be put on the skin smoodly Made with cotton and elastan for great breathability Our Boob Tape consists with a package of 5 meter, so you have a nice stock to go to! So, it’s about time for you to try the MAGIC Boob Tape to wave those problems goodbye. As already mentioned is the Boob Tape the ideal solution for invisible styling under any backless, strapless or daring outfits while supporting your breasts. The...

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All You Need To Know About Our Latest Coffee Solutions

  Julia and Linda     15-07-2022  

All You Need To Know About Our Latest Coffee Solutions At MAGIC Bodyfashion we strive to achieve 80% sustainable business by 2025. From the start of this year, meaning 2022, all of our new and future released collections have and will have sustainable properties. We are the first ever brand to introduce sustaianable solutions. By the way, How do you start most of your mornings? Let me guess. A good cup of coffee, am I right? Did you know that our daily coffee consumption generates a large amount of coffee grounds on a daily basis? You did? Well, but I bet you didn’t know that coffee grounds are not only used as plant fertilizers or room deodorizers but are also incorporated in clothing material. We introduce to you our latest Coffee Solutions which are made with the S.Café technology. Plus, they are just perfect for all your summer outfits! But what is the S.Café technology about? Well, glad that you asked! To shortly sum up, S.Café can be described as a material which is created from a mix of discarded coffee grounds and polyester. The coffee grounds are mixed with the polyester yarn surface in a low-temperature, high-pressure, and energy-saving process. As a plus, it adds attributes like UV protection, and odor control. Fun fact: When compared to cotton, the drying time is 200 percent faster thanks to the coffee which moves the moisture to the outer surface and away from the skin! And the best thing: It is completely sustainable! Our S.Café summer solutions are the perfect pick for all your low-cut, shoulder-off tops and dresses! From now on you don’t have to worry about uncomfortable bras and annoying bra straps ruining your look.  Let’s have a look at our different S.Café summer solutions and which outfits you can wear with them, shall we? The Beverly Hills Secrets are ultra thin and friendly to your skin while sticking onto your breast throughout the whole day. You won’t even notice you are wearing them! Also, one...

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Find Your Perfect Plus Size Bridal Shapewear

  Julia and Linda     21-04-2022  

Find Your Perfect Plus Size Bridal Shapewear Goodbye Winter - Hello Spring! The wedding season is just around the corner *exciting*. Since April provides a nice balance of warmer weather without the oppressive heat of summer, it is a popular month for most brides to get married.  Speaking of weddings, there are a lot of things to think about, right? Choose a venue, hire a photographer, decide on the flavor of the cake, and most importantly say yes to the dress! Ah, yes. Walking down the aisle in the dress of your dreams.  Most of us look through bridal magazines to get inspired. However, we noticed a pattern in those magazines. Most of them don’t represent diversity in terms of body size. We should normalize normal bodies and give some appreciation to plus size women.  Let’s celebrate the  body positivity movement by embracing your curves and honoring your body shapes!  That’s why we introduce to you our plus size shapewear for wedding dresses so that you can enjoy your wedding day care-free! You can be assured that we have a solution for every size up to 4XL!  Congratulations on choosing your dream dress for your very special day! Does your wedding dress accentuate your waist like this one? In that case, we would recommend wearing a shapewear which firms your waist, back and hips! In that way, you accentuate these parts while wearing the dress. Well, perfect! Why? Because we have the best shapewear for wedding dresses like this! Our Maxi Sexy Hi-Bermuda & Maxi Sexy Hi-Brief both provide an all-day firm shaping and are designed to be the most comfortable shapewear for your special day without tweaking. To ensure that they don’t slip during the day, they have a silicone trim on top. They are totally invisible under your dress - promise! Your waist, back, and tummy will be perfectly formed throughout the day. Both products go up to size 4XL, making it the perfect plus size bridal shapewear! The only...

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5 Sustainable Bras by MAGIC Bodyfashion

  Julia and Linda     15-03-2022  

5 Sustainable Bras by MAGIC Bodyfashion It’s 2022. According to climate change experts, we have roughly 8 years left, meaning until 2030, to reduce our carbon footprint and our greenhouse emissions. If we manage, we avoid hitting a turning point from which we may never recover. Phew, that is a lot of responsibility we have to carry on our shoulders, right? That’s why MAGIC Bodyfashion decided to make it easier for you to contribute to saving the beloved planet we call home. How? By developing 5 super comfortable bras that are made from eco-friendly, ethical, and recycled material, such as Tanboocel bamboo fibers, Modal, and recycled Polyamide! Besides simply caring for our environment, MAGIC Bodyfashion proves that sustainability doesn’t have to be boring, expensive, and dull, but fun, affordable, and colorful! We introduce our sustainable bras and bralettes. Body Hugging Bamboo Collection As the name already suggests, our Bamboo Collection is so soft that it hugs your body on an everyday basis! (Fun fact: Clothing made of bamboo fibers is more soft than cotton.) Why is that? Bamboo fiber is soft to the skin because it is naturally smooth and circular. It’s not only softer than cotton but also offers better ventilation, is antiallergenic, and is more moisture absorbent. Perfect for low-impact workouts and those upcoming summer days! Furthermore, our Body Hugging Bamboo Collection offers different styles. Every woman has different preferences and we value that! Let’s take our Comfort Bra Bamboo as an example. The Sustainable Bra is wireless and has built-in support. Also, the inlay cups are removable and ensure that your bust is in excellent form! Perfect for when you come home and simply want to feel comfortable without taking your bra off as you did before! With its wider shoulder straps and no closure in the front or back, any kind of pressure on the body is prevented. Amazing, right? The Bamboo...

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Holiday Gift Guide - For A Cozy Winter

  Minh Anh Tran     20-12-2021  

Holiday Gift Guide - For A Cozy Winter Christmas and New Year are for family gatherings, partying with good food and drinks, exchanging gifts, and spending quality time together. Winter holidays are just around the corner and if you are still wondering how to make this holiday special, let MAGIC Bodyfashion help you choose the perfect gift either to treat yourself or your loved ones.  Romantic gift You can’t go wrong with a lace lingerie set if you’re looking for something romantic and sexy. Besides that, mesh or luxury fabric is also a great option. For example, the Recycled Mesh Bra  and Hipster is a very cute mesh underwear set that will make a perfect romantic gift item. Check out the Dream Bra Lace and Dream Bralette Lace with beautiful soft lace, also the lovely Super Control Body in a beautiful blush pink color.   Dream Bra Lace  &  Dream Panty Lace in Black   Recycled Mesh Bra  &  Recycled Mesh Hipster in Black Dream Bralette Lace  &  Dream Hipster Lace Back in Black Super Control Brief in Latte &  Super Control Body in Blush Pink Casual wear gift Girls who value practicality and convenience would definitely love a pair of leggings because they are so comfy and stretchy that you can do anything in them. They are perfect for both lounging and working out, or even for daily wear. MAGIC Bodyfashion have from Lounge to Shaping Leggings , with Vlegging (super soft and festive-looking material) as such a great choice for Christmas season.    Lounge Legging  in Heather Grey From left to right: Vlegging   in Black, Jeans Legging  in Jeans Blue and Jegging  in Black             Colorful gift Christmas and New Year are for dressing up with colorful and festive clothes. That being said, wearing a colorful underwear set can easily...

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Bodysuit - A Must-have Item In Your Closet

  Minh Anh Tran     09-12-2021  

Bodysuit - A Must-have Item In Your Closet First of all, what is a bodysuit? A bodysuit is a one-piece form-fitting or skin-tight garment that covers the top, with seamless panty or shorts combined. Although they look similar to leotards or one-piece swimsuits, bodysuits are usually more seen in daily outfits. Why wear bodysuits? •     Tucked in : the very first and main purpose of a bodysuit is that you don’t need to worry about your top going up or your blouse popping out as it stays tucked in the whole time. •    Easy for layering : a bodysuit is usually made to be soft and snug so you can easily throw on an overshirt, sweater, or another snug layer of clothing.  •    Sexy : Because it’s so body-hugging, so either to wear in the bedroom or glam up your outfit, there’s just something sexy about bodysuits that you can’t ignore. Surely, you have to check out our Be Pretty Body , it’s the definition of sexiness in a bodysuit.  •    Style : Currently on the market there are so many different types of bodysuits that can fulfill anyone’s needs. At MAGIC, we offer a wide range of bodysuit styles from V-neck , Racerback , Low-back , or even Turtleneck , etc. and I’m sure you can find something if you take a look at our EveryBody Collection .  •    Shape : Bodysuits can be with or without built-in shaping effects. However, with MAGIC, all bodysuits provide at least medium shaping and depending on the product, the support can apply to your stomach, back, bust, upper thighs, or even your bum, so that you can show off your best form without any worries.  •     Coverage : Bodysuits can have different types of coverage for the top and bottom. At MAGIC Bodyfashion, our collection varies from Longsleeve to Sleeveless , from thong, briefer to boyshorts, you name it. Bodysuits are great, but...

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How to level up your loungewear, when 'work from home' is here to stay post-pandemic

  Minh Anh Tran     05-11-2021  

How to level up your loungewear, when 'work from home' is here to stay post-pandemic Since the pandemic started, most people have been staying home the majority of their time. The longer time spent at home, along with the growing trend of home training and yoga classes, has led consumers to stock up on workout apparel and accessories. So all the fancy clothes were put at the bottom of the closet, and replaced by more comfortable, effortless-looking loungewear. So what is loungewear? It is something in between athleisure and sleepwear that gives you enough comfort and style so that it can be worn to stay in and work from home or go out. With offices and events opening up again, people will be looking for outfits that are professional, stylish while also comfortable. And if you are wondering how can a set of lounge apparel be worn outside, let MAGIC help you out a littl e : 1. Bras as Tops Recently, minimalist bras worn as tops can be spotted several times on runways from major fashion brands as it is predicted to continue as a trend next year. For a not-so-naked look, bras can be styled with full coverage pieces like suits, blazers, overshirts, jackets. Just to name a few, here are some of our most basic yet super comfortable and practical bras to wear outside:      On the left: Dream Bralette Lace in Black On the right: Dream Bralette in White      2. Shaping bodysuit/jumpsuit A new concept, a combination of (tank) tops and biker shorts, which is like a second skin that fits your body perfectly and allows freedom of movement. This piece is ultimately comfortable. But what’s more? You can easily style it with other basic items as well, like a pleated skirt, a pair of jeans or just an oversized blazer will do. Especially if there are some lace details, your outfit will look so much more sophisticated.     On the left: Be pretty body in Latte.  On the right:  Lowerback Bodysuit in Latte.  3. Mix n Match What is...

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5 reasons why every girl should own a pair of leggings

  Minh Anh Tran     07-10-2021  

5 reasons why every girl should own a pair of leggings Leggings are like best friends. You can literally count on them to make you feel comfortable in every moment and situation. However, I used to underrate leggings a lot! Whenever I went shopping, I’d be eyeing on anything but leggings. No doubts they are comfy, but they thinly wrap around the body so much that made me feel self-conscious about my body. Of course, as I grew older (and wiser), I realized that paying attention to your look is important but it is not necessary to care about what other think of how you dress. You shouldn’t be limiting yourself to try on anything that you like, no matter what type of body you have. From that moment, nothing can stop me from buying a pair of leggings for different occasions: season-wise, for lounging, yoga, work, or even party. Trust me, because once you stepped into this world, there is no way back! So if you are here and still don’t understand why my love for leggings is so big, let me give a few checkpoints and see if you can find yourself in there: 1.    They compliment your body figure Everyone is beautiful and special in their own way and leggings are there to assure you that. Leggings help you show your best form and make your legs look amazing. If you think that you don’t have the legs and the booty for it, then it’s a sign telling you to simply care less about what other people think and wear what you want. 2.    They are comfortable every time Do you know why leggings are perfect for every occasion? Because leggings are made with stretchy, comfortable, and breathable materials and design so that makes it feel like a second skin and while still looking fabulous. Additionally, they are so soft and flexible as you can move around freely without any fear of ripping the seams. 3.    You have the freedom to eat I don’t know about you but I love food! Especially when it’s the time of the month and I am desperately craving for...

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4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Sustainable Underwear

  Mickael Michaelides     15-07-2021  

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Sustainable Underwear Today we will look at the different types of sustainable materials and the reasons as to why you should buy sustainable underwear. Making the conscious decision to choose organic and ethical fashion items is certainly a step in the right direction. You have the power to influence this decision and contribute towards a greener planet. Now that you are all hyped up, let’s get started!   What materials are used in sustainable underwear?         Sustainable underwear is made from organically farmed cotton, bamboo, hemp, and other types of natural and recycled fibres. All this helps reduce the amount of power and water used in the production process, whilst followi ng specific guidelines and regulations that follow eco-friendly measures when growing the fibres. Let’s take a look at some of the different types of sustainable materials that are commonly used for underwear: Bamboo Bamboo is a highly sustainable natural renewable resource with fibres that consist of natural, green and eco-friendly raw materials that can be degraded in the soil and mixed with other materials (such as cotton, hemp, and silk). Bamboo requires no fertiliser and self-regenerates from its own roots, so it doesn’t need to be replanted! Below we can see the MAGIC’s own Bamboo Soft Bra paired with our Comfort Short Bamboo . View our Bamboo products Modal                       Modal is a sustainable semi-synthetic fibre made from plant-based textile, which comes from sustainably harvested beech trees and is turned into fibre using an environmentally friendly chemical process. The unique properties of Modal, which is considered a luxury textile, are eco-friendly, softness, durable, breathable, and biodegradable. Furthermore, Modal fabric is known to be extra stretchy and...

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5 Best Bras For Low Cut Dresses


5 Best Bras For Low Cut Dresses Are you looking for the best bra to wear under a low-cut dress ? Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered! We will look at the pros & cons for plunge bras, adhesive bras, push-up bras, strapless bras, and invisible solution bras. Before we get started, let’s talk about low-cut dresses and what bras work best with this style! What is a low-cut dress? A low-cut dress is essentially a dress with an opening around the neck, shaped in a way that shows the top of the chest and cleavage. Why do you need a special bra for a low-cut dress? To have an open chest and cleavage with no bra or shoulder straps in sight. What should you look for when choosing a bra for a low-cut dress?   Make sure the bra has an invisible fit under your lowcut dress. Comfort – purchasing poor quality bras can lead to discomfort or even skin irritation. Support – some special bras are strapless, backless, or adhesive. Make sure you have enough support to prevent slippage. Ensure you select the correct size ; this may differ to your regular bra sizes. Be sure to check the specific size chart when selecting a special bra. Let’s move onto the pros and cons list for all the different bras that fit with a low-cut dress! Click here to enlarge image.  

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5 Types of Bras to Wear with Halter Dresses

  Mickael     15-06-2021  

5 Types of Bras to Wear with Halter Dresses Following up on our previous blog post, we looked into choosing the perfect wedding bra for Strapless & Low Back dresses. In today’s post, we will focus on choosing the perfect bra for Halter dresses. Before we dive into the different types of bras to choose from, let’s quickly take a look at Halter dresses. What is a Halter Dress? A Halter dress characteristically portrays a backless dress that is held at the back of the neck and waist. This style is a great fitting for summer wear as it exposes the shoulders and back in an elegant manner, however, with Halter dresses, ordinary bras are not considered a viable option. Halter dresses come with the consequence of revealing bra straps and hooks (if you are wearing a regular bra). The question that comes to mind is, what type of bra works best with a Halter dress? In order to answer this question, let’s take a look at the bra options that will fit flawlessly with your Halter dress! What type of bra can you wear with a Halter Dress? Strapless Bra A Strapless bra is a great choice for a Halter dress. Strapless bras are intended to be worn without shoulder straps. In order to ensure the bra stays in place, Strapless bras customarily have features such as silicone to avert slippage and provide support. Halter Bra The name itself insinuates that it’s a great fit with a Halter dress, and that’s because it is! A Halter bra typically has a strap that fits around your neck and can be found in both padded and non-padded options. Halter bras also relieve pain from the shoulders! Multiway Bra Multiway bras come with exchangeable straps that essentially allow you to select which style works best for you. A Multiway bra can be worn in countless ways having strapless, halter style, one shoulder, and cross-back styles available to your choosing. Bralette Put simply, a Bralette is fundamentally a lightweight bra that is wire-free and designed to provide comfort....

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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Bra for Strapless & Low Back Dresses

  Mickael     03-06-2021  

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Bra for Strapless & Low Back Dresses Weddings are one of the very few events where you have the opportunity to present yourself in a glamorous and elegant style. So, today we have taken the time to help you complete the missing pieces that contribute to your dazzling wedding outfit. More specifically, in today’s post, we will focus on helping you find the perfect bridal bra that will fit just perfectly under your Strapless or Low Back wedding dress. If you’d like to wear a dress that reveals your shoulders or back, there are multiple options to choose from when selecting the right bra for this particular outfit.  Before we dive into this post, let’s take a quick look at some of the differences that exist between backless, strapless and adhesive bras. For starters, strapless bras are designed to be worn without shoulder straps. They usually include design features such as silicone strips that prevent the bra from moving. You can also consider wearing a strapless bra that has a back closure. Adhesive bras, also known as “stick on bras”, are essentially self-adhesive bra cups that stick onto each individual breast. Adhesive bras are usually made from silicone with sticky adhesive layers on the inner lining of the cups that simply stick on your breasts. Strapless, backless and adhesive bras are all great options if you plan to wear a Strapless or Low Back dress! Here at MAGIC Bodyfashion, we have some great solutions that can contribute towards your visionary wedding outfit. Let’s take a look at some selective adhesive backless bras from the MAGIC Bodyfashion collection.  Va-Va-Voom Bra The eminent  Va-Va-Voom Bra   creates the cleavage of your dreams. The backless, strapless and adhesive bra has slight padding in the cups that essentially creates a push-up effect. The drawstring front closure enhances the push-up effect by pulling the breasts together, creating the best cleavage possible. The adhesive silicone on the inside...

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Nursing pads: All you need to know

  Mickael     12-04-2021  

Nursing pads: All you need to know Today we will discuss the importance of nursing pads and answer a few questions that may help you out when deciding how to choose the right pads. In order to do so, we will give some background information towards the need for breastfeeding pads. Towards the final weeks of your pregnancy and the early days of nursing, your body will start to prepare and adapt to the process of producing sufficient milk for your new-born. Before your body and breasts have settled into a schedule, your breasts will often release milk without warning. This is often referred to as leaking. Even after your body has adapted to the milk production stages, your body will still release milk without warning. These so-called let-downs are commonly triggered by various factors ranging between physical and emotional situations. Nursing pads are extremely useful in these situations when the unintended leaks occur. The breast pads are able to absorb any milk that has been released from your breasts, which can help prevent damp circles that surface around your nipples. Breastfeeding pads are also useful in the sense that they protect your clothing from becoming stained from any inadvertent events that occur. In order to understand nursing pads clearly, we have a few topics, questions and answers that circulate around the topic of washable pads, eco-friendly pads, and disposable nursing pads. Moving forward, we will cover following areas. Choosing between disposable and washable (reusable) nursing pads The different materials that come with nursing pads How often should you change between nursing pads? Does MAGIC Bodyfashion offer any reliable nursing pads Choosing between disposable and washable (reusable)  nursing pads For starters, you have the option to choose between disposable orwashable (reusable) nursing pads. Disposable breastfeeding pads are often made of a thin absorbent material. They usually have a sticky back to adhere them on your bra, which can...

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Moms deserve the comfort

  Mickael Michaelides     18-03-2021  

Moms deserve the comfort Let’s start by saying that all moms (and soon to be moms) deserve the utmost comfort during and after their pregnancies! If there are any fathers (or soon to be fathers) reading this – well, it’s your lucky day, you can score some extra brownie points by supporting your loved one with our comfortable maternity collection items! So, for this reason, we have decided to fill you in on our MAGIC Maternity collection and include a few useful tips regarding maternity lingerie items!   What is the importance of wearing a nursing bra during pregnancy? When should I start wearing nursing bras? What other maternity items will help during and after my pregnancy? What is the importance of wearing a nursing bra during pregnancy? Over the course of your pregnancy, you will become increasingly aware of the discomfort and irritation that comes with wearing an ordinary bra. Unfortunately, ordinary bras do not cater towards how your body will develop over the course of your pregnancy. During your pregnancy you will begin to notice that your favourite everyday bras will slowly start to cause irritation, discomfort, and perhaps even chafe! Ordinary bras do not have the capacity to accommodate towards these changes that take place to your breasts during and after your pregnancy. For this reason, nursing bras are highly recommended for wearing during and after pregnancies. They are practical in the sense that they are designed to accommodate towards comfort, ease of use, breast size changes, and sensitivity. Let’s take a look at some of the MAGIC maternity collection items to give you a better understanding! Starting off with our popular Fancy Mommy Nursing Bra. The Fancy Mommy Nursing Bra is a seamless and wire-free nursing bra that ensures ultimate comfort for both during and after your pregnancy! It comes with removable pads and has small clips that are fitted on the front which can be easily handled...

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Answering your questions about Shapewear

  Mickael Michaelides     16-02-2021  

Answering your questions about Shapewear Before we dive into this article, I’d like to talk about the certain misconceptions and misunderstandings that float around the topic of shapewear. If there are any unanswered questions that you have when it comes to Shapewear, this article will help answer some of those questions, or at least provide a better understanding towards wearing shapewear!  In order to find out more about shapewear, I have chosen a few areas that tend to cause a general misunderstanding around the topic of shapewear. So, this is what we will look into today: How do you use shapewear? Does wearing shapewear help lose belly fat? Is it okay to wear shapewear every day? Do you wear a bra with a body shaper? How tight should shapewear be? How do you use shapewear? This might seem like a basic question, but you’d be surprised, there are a lot of questions when it comes to how exactly shapewear is worn. So, to help answer this, let’s start by asking what are you dressing up for? The right choice of shapewear can set the tone for the entire outfit. Furthermore, what areas would you like to highlight on your body figure? Knowing your natural shape and being familiar with your body will help in the selection process of picking out the most suitable shapewear for you.  In this post, we will provide tips and useful information that will essentially give you a better understanding of shapewear. Does wearing shapewear help lose belly fat? To cut straight to the point, wearing shapewear will not help you lose belly fat. Nonetheless, what it will do, is provide you with an extra boost of confidence that is usually overlooked. Seeing yourself wearing shapewear can give you that extra dose of confidence that can push you to work on your figure. Wearing shapewear does enhance your curves, flattens your stomach area and enriches your body figure in an encouraging way.  Is it...

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