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Find Your Perfect Plus Size Bridal Shapewear

Find Your Perfect Plus Size Bridal Shapewear

Goodbye Winter - Hello Spring! The wedding season is just around the corner *exciting*. Since April provides a nice balance of warmer weather without the oppressive heat of summer, it is a popular month for most brides to get married. 

Speaking of weddings, there are a lot of things to think about, right?

Choose a venue, hire a photographer, decide on the flavor of the cake, and most importantly say yes to the dress! Ah, yes. Walking down the aisle in the dress of your dreams. 

Most of us look through bridal magazines to get inspired. However, we noticed a pattern in those magazines. Most of them don’t represent diversity in terms of body size. We should normalize normal bodies and give some appreciation to plus size women. 

Let’s celebrate the  body positivity movement by embracing your curves and honoring your body shapes! 

That’s why we introduce to you our plus size shapewear for wedding dresses so that you can enjoy your wedding day care-free! You can be assured that we have a solution for every size up to 4XL! 

Congratulations on choosing your dream dress for your very special day! Does your wedding dress accentuate your waist like this one?

In that case, we would recommend wearing a shapewear which firms your waist, back and hips! In that way, you accentuate these parts while wearing the dress.

Well, perfect! Why? Because we have the best shapewear for wedding dresses like this!

Our Maxi Sexy Hi-Bermuda & Maxi Sexy Hi-Brief both provide an all-day firm shaping and are designed to be the most comfortable shapewear for your special day without tweaking. To ensure that they don’t slip during the day, they have a silicone trim on top. They are totally invisible under your dress - promise! Your waist, back, and tummy will be perfectly formed throughout the day. Both products go up to size 4XL, making it the perfect plus size bridal shapewear! The only difference between these two is that the Maxi Sexy Hi-Bermuda provides a longer leg and therefore shapes your legs as well!

Or maybe you chose a mermaid-like dress like this one?

Hm, for this we would recommend shapewear that shapes your lower tummy, lower back, hips, and thighs. For this, our Maxi Sexy Short and the Comfort Short are the perfect solutions! Both are made from soft and comfortable material, which will be invisible under your dress. The silicone trim at the leg openings will prevent any kind of rolling, so you can dance all night without having to feel uncomfortable with annoying material that slowly but surely rolls up your thighs! These are also available in all sizes up to 4XL!

As always, MAGIC has thought about the brides who would not prefer wearing shapewear shorts under the wedding dress. Maxi Sexy Dress has been designed with a smooth and powerful fabric and seamless edges, giving that flawless and effortless look. It will give that extra control to the upper body, hips, and thighs, and most importantly you can easily wear your own bra. Adjustable and reversible shoulder straps provide a perfect fit to not hide but enhance your natural body shape. 

For brides that are looking to just shape their stomach area, lower back, hips and thighs, we would suggest Maxi Sexy Control Skirt. It is made from the same material as the Maxi Sexy Dress, the only difference is that its main function is shaping the lower body parts.

We can only imagine how much time it requires to search for that perfect wedding dress. No one wants to spend extra time seeking shapewear too. Good news, the comfort thong is a perfect essential to add to your wardrobe. It is so simple that you can wear it not only on your big day but also make it a part of your everyday life. The comfort thong shapes the lower tummy and back. The soft, seamless material is completely invisible and won't be seen under your clothing. 

Last, but definitely not least. When talking about shapewear there is no way to not mention the traditional waist shapewear. Maxi Sexy Waistnipper differs a bit from the shapewear mentioned above. It only focuses on shaping your waist. It is made of powerful and smooth fabric. The powernet lining and flexible bones ensure an optimal shaping of the waistline and provide support to your back. The hook and eye front closure is adjustable to your own preference. A quick tip: best to start closing from the bottom up.

Tip: To prevent your shapewear from showing, we recommend wearing the shapewear in a skin-colored color, such as latte in case your wedding dress is white!

And there you have it. We would advise you to not stress too much and enjoy this amazing preparation time because you are already amazing just the way you are. We hope you will find the most suitable shapewear from MAGIC Bodyfashion to make your wedding day magical.

With love,
MAGIC Bodyfashion




  Julia and Linda     21-04-2022 14:29