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The Best Cozy Wear for Autumn Days

The Best Cozy Wear for Autumn Days
After the unbearable summer heat this past summer season, crisp autumn days are finally ahead of us for the next few months. Now that it’s getting chillier, we tend to look for something more cozier, something that makes us feel at ease and comfortable. Whether it be something short-sleeved to wear at home or long-sleeved to wear out, we at MAGIC Bodyfashion we have exactly that!

Are you looking for something to wear when at home, after a long day of work, just wanting to sit on the couch or lay down in bed, watching your favorite show or movie, while feeling comfortable? Then we have the perfect solution for you. Our Cozy Collection has the perfect products that will satisfy all your needs when wanting to feel nothing but comfort.

Our Cozy Crop Top is a perfect top that can be worn while laying down on the bed or sitting on the couch, having a nice cup of tea or coffee in your hand and watching a nice series or movie. The crop top is made out of eco-friendly and super soft modal fabric and it has a fashionable cropped length and V-neck with a thin spaghetti strap. A nice added touch is the lace finish on top of the top. Furthermore, we have the Cozy Cami which is made from the same eco-friendly and super soft modal fabric as the Crop top. The Cami’s length is the length like a normal t-shirt. The Cami is just as perfect for when wanting comfort at home and it can be worn as underwear for the cold winter days, as outerwear or even as nightwear when wanting that nice comfortable feel when sleeping. For people that need a longer sleeve, the Cozy Shirt is the perfect solution for you. Made out of the same eco-friendly fabric as the Cami and the Crop top, the shirt is perfect for someone that needs that extra fabric around their arms. The shirt is perfect for home wear or nightwear.

If you are looking for nice and comfortable pants to give with the tops that we mentioned above, we advise you to check out the Cozy Flared Pants. The pants are made of super soft and comfortable eco-friendly viscose fabric. The pants have a flared fir and elastic waistband with sating drawstring. The pants are perfect combines with all three of our Cozy tops, the crop top, the shirt as well as the Cami. If you are wanting to go for a short pant, we also offer the Cozy Short which is made from the super soft and comfortable eco-friendly viscose fabric. The short comes with a lace detail on the leg opening for a more feminine look. The Short can both be worn as home wear as well as nightwear.

Additionally to our Cozy Collection, we offer products that are part of the Lounge Collection. Part of that collection consists of the Lounge Pants that are ultra-comfortable pants that are made of super soft fabric. The pants are perfect for the days when you want to feel comfort when being at home, whether it being doing chores around the house or just lounging at home doing nothing. Furthermore, the pant can be worn in addition to the Lounge Sweater which will make it into a set. The sweater is made out of the same ultra-comfortable made out of super soft fabric. The sweater can be worn in combination with the pant to make it into a set perfect for lounging at home or when wanting to go out and do groceries or other activities. Wearing the outfit will ensure comfort all day around. Moreover, the collection also has a Lounge Short that is perfect for the days that are spent at home under blanket ensuring extra comfort all around.

We hope that MAGIC Bodyfashion could help you out with some outfit ideas for the upcoming colder months and can’t wait for you to rock these outfits, whether it be at home or outside!

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Until next time & Happy Autumn

MAGIC Bodyfashion ♥

  Jashar     07-11-2022 14:48