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MAGIC Luxury Bras, The Perfect Padded Bra!

  Yongwon     21-12-2020  

MAGIC Luxury Bras, The Perfect Padded Bra! MAGIC Luxury Bras, The Perfect Padded Bra! Unlike summer, winter gives us more variety when choosing our outfit. From lovely knitwear, and long jackets, to fluffy fur coats, we can spend hours choosing what clothes to wear. However, there is always a problem with the clothing I choose after much consideration. My problem is the “Body Line.” The heavy clothes make our body line looks so dull and less glamorous. We are faced with a difficult choice; should we choose warmth and comfort or an attractive bodyline? Choose both! You don’t have to settle on either when you wear MAGIC Bodyfashion. We are launching our new Luxury Bra Collection . Our underwired and padded bras will make your body line more glamorous even under heavy winter clothes! This collection features diagonal 2-way stretch bra cups that provide a comfortable and perfect fit! The smooth finish of the bra ensures it will not be shown underneath your clothes. The built-in wire underneath the bra cups will provide ideal support and help make gorgeous curves and cleavage even with heavy winter clothing! To fulfill the different bra needs of customers, we prepared 3 different types of Luxury bra!   1.            Luxury Gel Bra The Luxury Gel Bra contains a soft gel cushion inside the bra cups. The gel cushion provides the ultimate push-up effect and comfort on your breast. The cute lace details on the shoulder straps, back, and under the bust can make your look more lovely and feminine. 2.            Luxury Strapless Bra The Luxury Strapless bra has an invisible wire underneath the bra cups with a smooth finish. With the strong elastic bands, the bra stays well in place without shoulder straps. Also, extra shoulder straps are provided so the bra can be worn in 5 different ways! It can...

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Let’s make this Christmas special. Dress up and feel pretty!

  Xixi     17-12-2020  

Let’s make this Christmas special. Dress up and feel pretty! Let’s make this Christmas special. Dress up and feel pretty! With Christmas fast approaching, governments around Europe have to make tough decisions on easing coronavirus restrictions in time for the holiday period. In the Netherlands, Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced that the country would go into a strict lockdown for five weeks, from 15th December to 19th January. Restrictions will be eased slightly for the three days of Christmas when Dutch households are allowed three guests instead of two. Obviously, we are going to celebrate Christmas a little bit differently this year. However, we should still make this Christmas special! No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up, and never give up! Take out your pretty dresses and enjoy Christmas! Need some inspiration for the perfect Christmas outfit? Keep reading! Keep lively! Orange is a unique color for Dutch people. The color Orange is also associated with meanings of joy, warmth, heat, and sunshine. Now is the best time to feel more joy and sunshine, isn’t it? Modest luxury Keep the color of your outfit classic with only the combination of gold and black. A black dress with a simple design and twinkling fabric can easily give you a modest luxury look. Chic and stylish You want to keep it simple but still look fashionable? Put on a silk slip dress and some golden jewelry. Wear green leather heels to add that extra Christmassy vibe. It’s Christmas time When you think about Christmas colors, it’s typically red and green. A wine-red silk dress makes you look elegant and graceful. Be enthusiastic If you like fashion and you love the 2020 fashion trend. This is the right outfit inspiration for you! A puff sleeve flower pattern dress with glittery over-the-knee boots. Plus, an oversized headband and matching earrings. You are ready to nail this year! Do you like these outfit...

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Tights, your safety blanket

  Xixi     10-12-2020  

Tights, your safety blanket Tights, Your Safety Blanket Winter brings fun layering fashion opportunities. When it comes to dressing for Winter you get so many options; from oversized coats, to cozy knits, to sweater dresses. TIGHTS are always a big hit for dressing trends, especially during Fall and Winter. However, finding new ways to style them and find suitable tights can be tricky. Nowadays, tights are developed with more and more different aesthetics. From different patterns and colors to a number of deniers, you get various choices. If you need one now, CLICK THE LINK. BUT, How to wear tights? How to pick suitable tights? How to avoid damage on tights? With SO many options, how do you choose the right ones … If you have worries like these, Keep reading! How to pick tights? We all know, when the temperature is not freezing, tights are always a handy item to match with our outfits. BUT we also know that most tights are very easily damaged. How to prevent it? We need to avoid this by starting with picking the right tights. Tights have different thickness options; Denier is the indicator of its thickness. The higher the number, the thicker the tights, and the less chance to cause damage! Yes, we can choose the highest denier to prevent damage as long as you are OK with dark black tights. However, most of us still prefer tights to be a little see-through. So, it would be best if you were careful with which fibre the tights contain. No matter what material the tights are made of, please pay attention to its elasticity and price. Sometimes, pricy is not the best choice. How to prevent damage and avoid natural broken fibres? Tip 1: "Freezing your tights is a quirky yet budget-savvy way to help keep your tights longer, (and stay) run-free, lint-free and vibrant in color. It's definitely a trick to try!" says celebrity stylist Denise Caldwell. This trick works even better on tights...

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6 Ways to Style Your MAGIC Leggings This Season

  Xixi     17-11-2020  

6 Ways to Style Your MAGIC Leggings This Season Comfort outfits have undoubtedly been THE priority in 2020! Amongst all the comfort outfit options, leggings have been the favorite choice as seen in the outfits of It girls everywhere. If you don't have leggings or are looking for something new. Go ahead and check out the new leggings collection from MAGIC Bodyfashion. Click the link to see our beautiful and comfortable leggings.  Autumn is passing by, and what is better than staying home, wearing a comfortable home dress and holding a cup of hot chocolate? Sitting in your office the whole day, you probably want to wear a comfortable outfit so you don't feel bound up and uncomfortable. Do you want an outfit that is comfortable, but perfect to also wear if you have the rush to go meet a friend or simply want to go for a walk? For all women, the important point is to dress up cute but comfy. If you are struggling with what to wear, don't worry! We got you! The new MAGIC Bodyfashion legging collection gives you the option to have something to wear at home and when you go out. We will surely provide plenty of inspiration for wearing leggings in the coming future. Like us, you probably have leggings on your mind, waiting to be paired with the rest of your wardrobe in fresh ways. No matter where you like to wear leggings, you're sure to find a few outfit ideas among this roundup. Check out the looks, along with our legging outfit tips ahead. Walk in the Fall "Wild is the music of the autumnal winds amongst the faded woods." - William  The world is now covered with falling leaves and chill vibes. Imagine walking under the precious sunshine, and walking over the leaves, making that crunchy sound with a comfortable outfit on. For a warm and comfy style with MAGIC Jeans Legging, throw on a teddy coat, and chunky boats, perfect for autumn walks. Stick with the all camel colour theme with the jeans legging as a highlight. Add some gold pieces of...

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  Xixi     23-10-2020  

THESE TIMES ASK FOR SOME MORE COMFORT THESE TIMES ASK FOR SOME MORE COMFORT  As countries introduce measures to restrict movement as part of efforts to reduce the number of people infected with COVID-19, more and more of us are making considerable changes to our daily routines. The new realities of working from home, temporary unemployment, home-schooling, and lack of physical contact with other people take time to get used to. Therefore, we need to pay more attention to taking care of ourselves, mentally, and physically. It is always easy to say, but how can we stay healthy and positive? Let me try to give you some tips and try to build up a healthy routine! Tip 1: Get enough sunshine and sleep hour As winter is coming, we get less daylight each day. It would be precious to enjoy the first-morning shine and start your day with this positive vibe. You can get vitamin D from sunshine, which keeps you lively. Wake up at a regular time, swipe a bit on your social media, stretch your body a bit or drink some water. Just try to make yourself more awake. If you want, why not check MAGIC Bodyfashion’s Instagram account, see what’s new! Further, Sleep requirements vary slightly from person to person; most healthy adults need seven to nine hours of sleep per night to function at their best. It is essential to have a healthy sleeping schedule. Make sure you get enough sleep! Tip 2: Make yourself feel good and comfortable Next, even you will probably be staying home all day, but why don’t you still get ready and dress up nice and comfortable? To make yourself feel better. If you don’t have anything lovely and comfy to wear at home. Don’t worry, MAGIC has your back. For the upcoming two weeks, MAGIC Bodyfashion offers 20% discount on all comfort underwear collection with purchase over 50 euros. If you need something chic and comfy, check out the link and get that! Click link . MAGIC believes that...

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NIPPLE COVERS - What to do with them

  Ruth     30-07-2020  

NIPPLE COVERS - What to do with them A blog about nipple covers?!? Is that even a thing? Well it is now, and you may be a small (but important) part of history if you’re reading this! Great, now that I’ve hyped you up, let’s get down to business. Nipple covers are amazing! They really are! If you don’t believe me, it’s because of one of the following reasons: You’ve never used nipple covers You’ve never used GOOD nipple covers You’ve never used the right style of nipple covers for your personal taste *Small disclosure before reading on* Because of the nature of this blog post, I noticed that I use the word nipple a, a whole lot…more than I ever thought I would in my life, but I’m not sure how else I could get the point across without using it so much. Anyways, I’ve decided just to warn you ahead of time, so hopefully you can have a laugh as you read on and imagine me sitting here behind my laptop writing this masterpiece for you and the rest of the world. Before we get into all the different styles of nipple covers that MAGIC offers (because let’s be honest, that’s really my end game here), I want to touch on a few of the reasons mentioned above. First off, if you’ve never used nipple covers in your are NOT alone..ahh, doesn’t that feel good? To know that there is someone out there that is just like you. Well, maybe not just like you…but I think you get the point. When it comes to fashion, most of us stick to the basics and barely venture out into unfamiliar territories. Today is the day to change this and try something new. I will go over some of our different solutions below, and hopefully you find one or two that you think can become an essential part of your wardrobe.  For those of you who have never used GOOD nipple covers, I am sincerely sorry from the deepest and most sincere part of my heart (yeah, I know that’s a weird thing to say,...

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Pool Day Every Day with the MAGIC Push-Ups

  Ruth     14-07-2020  

Pool Day Every Day with the MAGIC Push-Ups Pool Day Every Day with the MAGIC Push-Ups Who wants to spend this summer laying by the pool or at the beach? If you didn’t raise your hand you’re crazy! If you did raise your hand, you probably look crazy..sitting there at yourself..with your hand high up in the air. At least no one saw you right? Either way, it was totally worth it, because we can all agree that soaking in the sun, and dipping in the cool water sounds amazing. Working on a nice summer tan, walking in your favorite flip flops and wearing your favorite bikini? Okay that’s it, I’m walking out of the office right now, grabbing my towel, flipflops, and bikini then hitting the beach! Oh, and don’t let me forget some of my favorite MAGIC solutions to finish my look. We all know that not everybody is blessed and happy with the amount of bust they have, right? Of course I’m happy and confident in the body I was born with, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to cheat a little sometimes. Maybe cheat isn’t the best word, more like temporarily enhancing using some of the best solutions in the world in order to create the perfect look. Yeah, that’s much better. Well..back to my point, I can say personally I enjoy a bit of a boost up top, not too much but just a little more cleavage in my bikini makes me more confident and comfortable when I’m out at the beach or sitting by the pool. What about you? Ever thought of trying a proven fashion solution to show off your beautiful cleavage? Some people don’t even realize there is a temporary solution that works, without having to get surgery or damage yourself or your bikini. Even better, there are actually multiple solutions available depending on what your preferences are. At MAGIC, we have five different push-up solutions that can fit in your bikini, and even your bra! 1. The Water-Soft Push-Up This Watersoft Push-Up is a beautiful bra/bikini pad that...

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New Summer Additions to MAGIC Bodyfashion: Check it out!

  Ruth     08-07-2020  

New Summer Additions to MAGIC Bodyfashion: Check it out! New Summer additions to MAGIC Bodyfashion: Check it out!  YESS YEESSSS YESS finally the word is out and I can tell you guys our new SUMMER COLLECTION 2020 has arrived. This means more stunning MAGIC products to add to your closet. A-MA-ZING!! You might be thinking: girll please take it easy.. these products can’t be that special... Well I hate to tell you you are wrong, but you are wrong, which can mean two things: 1. you’ve never had a MAGIC Bodyfashion  product in your closet before or 2. you hate weekdays and really are in need of the weekend. Maybe even both? Well either way, let me walk you through these products today and cheer you up with some MAGIC.    I’ve chosen my top 5 favorite new products of our SUMMER 2020 collection to talk about today:  The DREAM BODY  This product feels like a second skin, it’s extremely breathable and because of that prevents you from perspiration! And it's soft, so so soft! This body already feels to me like it’s my best friend, and I can tell you everybody could use a friend like this, because it even provides you with light contouring of the tummy, waist, and back! AND it has special inlay cups, which give you beautifully shaped breasts.  The SALSA BRA SPAGHETTI  This bra must have been designed to cheer up your day, EVERY DAY! It is the ultimate comfortable bra with a touch of glitter. Beautiful with a blouse and some high waist jeans or above a high waist skirt in the summer. I personally always love it when fashion and comfort come together. Can’t wait to show off this bra to the world.  This bra is also available with wider straps, you can check that one out here....   Or without glitter but with Lace…..   Is there ever a point in time where you will have enough Lace items in your closet?   ...

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Hello MAGIC Happy Feet, Goodbye Blisters

  Ruth     30-06-2020  

Hello MAGIC Happy Feet, Goodbye Blisters Hello MAGIC Happy Feet, Goodbye Blisters. Do you ever doubt wearing heels, because of the pain?? If the answer is yes, you are definitely not the only one. Because let’s be honest, it’s really easy to just put on your sneakers, right?  But is it as beautiful, elegant and feminist (or sexy)? I started wearing some products out of the MAGIC Happy Feet collection myself last week, and you just need to know there is a whole new world on the other side of all that pain, the blisters and uncomfortable shoes. And you know what? I'm about to tell you the secret to wearing heels without blisters and the massive need of a foot massage in the evening. First of all, I’m going to ask you guys to think about with what kind of shoes you get all these blisters? Only in your heels? And what kind of heels? Or even in your sneakers? This question is important, because we have a solution for all of you, we just need to know which solution matches your needs best..... SOOOO FIRST!! HIGH HEEL LOVERSSSSS!! HERE WE GOOOOO. Let us make you a power woman without pain! Pain at the back of your heels?? PRINCESS HEELS will be your new best friend. No more blisters and painful heels with these silicone gel straps. They are invisible from the outside and extremely comfortable on the inside. You place them just on the inside of the back of your shoe and voilà! Oh, and you know what?! They are reusable! REALLY?! Yesssss, we know you shoe lovers own more than one pair of heels! Always sliding in your heels? DIVA FRONTIES give you the possibility to no longer slide forward in your high heels. These gel cushions will absorb shock and will stay in place due to the adhesive bottom layer. So especially if you want to be comfortable in your heels, this is the best solution. And CHECK, they are reusable. Fun fact: First heels were worn by men!  Pain at your arches? HEAVENLY ARCHES could be your...

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PSSSSST.....TREND ALERT! Lace Must-Haves for Summer

  Ruth     23-06-2020  

PSSSSST.....TREND ALERT! Lace Must-Haves for Summer PSSSTTT......TREND ALERT: Lace Must Haves For Summer  SUMMER HAS ARRIVED!! And that’s why after looking through the window today we realized it was time for some Lace Must Haves for this summer . The weather looks amazing and so should we.  This means it’s time for a little closet make-over! Did someone say closet makeover??? YESSSSS WE DID!  It should not be a secret anymore and for some of you trend lovers it probably won’t be, but this summer it’s time to go crazy with all the beautiful lace outfits. Because who doesn’t like lace? It basically always takes your outfit to the next level. Sometimes just a tiny detail of lace can finish your look of the day! Let’s take a plain pair of jeans for example, paired with a lace top and a simple jacket over it… Too simple? Or extremely classy?! Let’s give you some  MAGIC inspiration with our favorite Lace products of this year!   Our top 5 Summer Must-Haves For This Summer:  Well let’s start with THE one and only product that simply cannot be missed in every girls’ closet this summer; our DREAM BRALETTE LACE . This gorgeous product is one of our absolute favorites. It’s made of soft lace, has no wires and has an extremely nice comfortable fit. (You might be thinking, how would you know?! Well… I can literally not live without it anymore!) Not only the front of it is really pretty, the back of the Dream Brallete Lace is also soooooo......... well you can fill that in for yourself.  I hope you guys like to mix and match your clothes because our Luxury Lace Bandeau is the perfect example of a product that fits with...

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Sexy Summer Shapers

  Ruth     17-06-2020  

Sexy Summer Shapers Sexy Summer Shapers We all know the feeling; it’s summer and you have all these cute outfits, but you have no idea what to wear. You change your outfit at least three times a day and then still you feel uncomfortable, because the choice you made was a bit too short, too tight, doesn’t show all your beautiful shapes at all, or it shows a bit too much... Well, at MAGIC Bodyfashion we have the solution. Because “Pretty lingerie makes it all better” We created a MAGIC Bodyfashion “ Maxi Sexy Shapers ” collection for all you beautiful ladies, so you can feel as comfortable as you feel sexy in your summer clothes. No longer you'll have to fight those bulges and muffin tops in your new summer dresses. You don’t even have to feel sorry about all the times you skipped the gym last year. Can't wait to see how that works? Keep reading! What can the Maxi Sexy Shapers collection do for you: The Maxi Sexy Shapers are the most powerful shapers in our collection. We have nine different Maxi Sexy Shapers for your tummy, waist, back and upper legs. Sounds good right? Especially if you recognize yourself in changing your outfit at least three times a day, because everything doesn’t fit exactly how you had it in mind. Not only are the shapers really comfy they are also really stylish. This is because they are made of a smooth fabric with a seamless finish, which combined gives you a flawless look. As a result of the seamless edges the Maxi Sexy products not only fit amazingly, they are also invisible underneath your outfit. Interested in what the Maxi Sexy Shapers can do for your looks after reading this? Then take a look at the images below or click here to immediately see the entire collection of the Maxi Sexy Shapers. Also, keep scrolling and read about our solutions for all your favorite backless shirts and dresses. Make sure to read about the 7 Fashion Trends For Spring...

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Best Thigh Solutions To Avoid Chafing During Summer

  Rishma     08-06-2020  

Best Thigh Solutions To Avoid Chafing During Summer Summer season means cute outfits like skirts and cute dresses. It’s definitely fun to wear those cute summer outfits, but it is not as fun when your inner thighs start rubbing and chafing! It can be painful and that takes all the fun out of the summer weather. But no worries, MAGIC Bodyfashion has a solution for this exact problem. With the Thigh Solutions by MAGIC Bodyfashion , you can enjoy your summer and also your summer outfits without being in pain. So, no thigh gap? No problem! The Thigh Solutions consist of different kinds of thigh tapes and bands that prevent your inner thighs from rubbing against each other, and they are available in different colors and even a pretty lace design! Read all about the Thigh Solutions by MAGIC Bodyfashion below:   Be Sweet To Your Legs The Be Sweet To Your Legs elastic thigh bands are the perfect solution to the painful rubbing and chafing of bare thighs when wearing summer dresses and skirts. These bands are stretchy and gently fit around your thighs without applying pressure. The bands have silicone layers at the top and bottom, which allow them to stay in place without rolling. Besides this, the bands are made up of very smooth and soft fabric ensuring that you feel comfortable all day long. The Be Sweet To Your Legs thigh solutions come in Black & Latte and are available in sizes S through 4XL.   Be Sweet To Your Legs Lace The Be Sweet To Your Legs Lace is the pretty lace variation of the Thigh Solutions in our collection. These lace bands have a beautiful lace design that gives an elegant and romantic look, you may even want to show them off! The Be Sweet To Your Legs Lace are elastic and fit gently around your thighs without applying pressure. These thigh bands will stay in place without rolling due to the silicone layer at the top and bottom. The soft and smooth fabric will make sure that you feel...

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Summer Ready With The Backless Solutions by MAGIC Bodyfashion

  Rishma     27-05-2020  

Summer Ready With The Backless Solutions by MAGIC Bodyfashion Ladies, now that summer is almost here, you must be looking forward to wearing cute summer clothes! The beautiful weather demands for beautiful floral prints, cute tops and dresses, doesn’t it? Backless  dresses are definitely one of the summer favorites, the light and breezy outfit will keep you cool and stylish all summer. However, we know that a lot of women won’t wear backless dresses because of one issue, the bra showing in the back. Now, that’s a bummer, but it doesn’t have to be! You can now wear that backless summer dress with confidence because MAGIC Bodyfashion has got you covered. With so many backless bras and other backless solutions ranging up to size cup F, you can now wear backless dresses and gowns without worrying about your bra showing on your back! Besides backless, these bras are also great for wearing under low back and off shoulder dresses or tops. Read all about the Backless Bras by MAGIC Bodyfashion below and pick your favorite! Amazing Bra Feel amazing with the Amazing Bra by MAGIC Bodyfashion! This bra is made of two adhesive cups that are easy to stick onto your breasts. This 100% silicone adhesive bra stays perfectly in place thanks to the patented ‘bra gel’ and is invisible under your outfit! The Amazing Bra has a front closure, which gives you a nice push-up and the cups give extra volume to your breasts. The bra is meant for multiple use and you can take care of the bra by handwashing it with lukewarm water and letting it air-dry after wearing. Angel Bra The Angel Bra is completely backless, strapless and adhesive, a perfect solution for wearing backless outfits! This bra has two adhesive, angel-wings shaped cups with a front closure which ensures a nice push-up effect. The adhesive material is 100% silicone, making sure that it sticks perfectly to your breasts all day long. The Angel Bra...

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A Guide on How To Take Care of Your Bras Properly

  Rishma     12-05-2020  

A Guide on How To Take Care of Your Bras Properly Bras are, without any doubt, one of your most worn pieces of clothing. It’s the first thing you put on in the morning and you wear it (almost) every day. May it be a comfortable seamless bra , a sexy lace bra or a sports bra , it is a really important piece of clothing for women. And you probably already know by now, you can’t actually wash and dry your delicate undergarments the way you do with other clothing items; using hot water and tumble-drying it in a dryer. Doing that will ruin the delicate fabrics and the shape of your bras. So that’s a big NO! So, how exactly should you be washing and taking care of your bras? The first question a lot of you might have is: how often should I wash my bras? Washing your bras too often can wear out the materials, and the straps can lose their elasticity. But it is also not a good idea to wear the same bra for several days. The bra loses its shape after being worn several times without washing and it is not hygienic, so we don’t recommend that! The best to do here is to wear a different bra every day for a week or two-week period and wash them all together. This way, you are giving your bras rest between wears. This will keep the elastic in the bra intact, help the bra retain its shape and also saves you a lot of time. Yes, you will need to invest in more bras to keep you going for a week or two, but we assure you, it is a good investment, considering they will last longer! Next, do I really need to hand-wash my bras? Yes, hand-washing your bras is the best way to make sure a bra stays in good shape. You might not like the idea of doing this bit of laundry by hand, but it is really a lot easier than you think. Leave your bras in the sink with cold water and detergent for a while, and afterwards, rinse them out and hang them to dry in the shower or outside in the shade. Handwashing is also the best way to properly...

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Maternity Collection by MAGIC Bodyfashion: Must-Haves For New & Expecting Mommies

  Rishma     01-05-2020  

Maternity Collection by MAGIC Bodyfashion: Must-Haves For New & Expecting Mommies Being a mother, for most women, is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences in life. Waiting and preparing for the baby to arrive is very exciting, but since your body goes through a lot of changes, it can also be physically and emotionally demanding. So, it is important to take care of your body and ensure that you feel comfortable. Hence, besides the crib, stroller, diapers and a list of other things you are buying for the baby, it is also necessary to get some maternity essentials for yourself. This will help ensure that you will have a comfortable pregnancy. MAGIC Bodyfashion has an entire MAGIC Mommy Collection , including amazing support products, as well as nursing products for expecting and new moms. These comfy products will make the months before birth much easier for you, allowing you to enjoy your pregnancy and the birth of your baby a little more. Read about the items in the MAGIC Mommy Collection below: Mommy Supporting Belly Band The Mommy Supporting Belly Band by MAGIC Bodyfashion provides extra support during and after your pregnancy due to the special under bump supporting panel. This band is soft and seamless and is nearly undetectable underneath your clothes. It is made of a stretchy and breathable material which ensures no pressure on your belly and offers an ultimate all-day comfortable fit. Not only does it provide support for your growing bump, but it also gives extra support to your lower back.   Mommy Supporting Dress The Mommy Supporting Dress is made of super soft material and gives extra support to your belly and lower back, thanks to the built-in support panels. The dress has adjustable straps which you can adjust accordingly, ensuring that it fits perfectly. The seamless design of the dress makes it an ultimate comfortable wear all day long. The dress has a silicone strip at the bottom which prevents the dress...

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7 Fashion Trends For Spring & Summer 2020: Rock These Outfits This Year!

  Rishma     23-04-2020  

7 Fashion Trends For Spring & Summer 2020: Rock These Outfits This Year! Even though the world is still, nature isn’t. While we are confined to our houses, the weather is changing as usual and the beautiful spring season is upon us. Staying up to date with the latest spring and summer fashion might be the last thing on your mind right now, but you have more time to do a big spring cleaning of your closet and shop online! Now you might be wondering if you are up-to-date with the latest fashion trends,  so we have listed some of the biggest fashion trends for this years’ spring and summer season. So you can rock these looks when quarantine is over, or even right now when going for a walk (maintaining social distance, of course!).   Puffed Sleeves Puffed sleeves are back and it’s one of the biggest trends for this year! Fashion weeks in the biggest fashion capitals of the world projected some fashion trends for 2020, and puffed sleeved designs were the most prominent one on all these shows. These oversized, chunky sleeves creates the illusion of slimmer waist and adds an instant feminine touch to your outfit. These statement making sleeves were a success in the runways, and you can also rock them! Combine a puffed sleeved blouse with a pair of denims and flat sandals, or a puffed sleeved dress with a pair of white sneakers.   Bra Tops Bras as tops is one of our favorite trends for this year’s spring and summer. Gone are the days when you were worried about your bra showing under your shirt! The “underwear as outerwear” trend has officially taken over the fashion scene, and the trend is here to stay. We must say that this look is bold, beautiful and feminine! At MAGIC Bodyfashion, we have the best bras that are perfect for rocking the look, you can find the cutest bras & bralettes ! Our brand ambassadors are loving this trend and they’re sharing their looks as inspiration. From Left to Right:...

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Top 5 Most Comfortable Bras: Seamless & Wireless By MAGIC Bodyfashion

  Rishma     15-04-2020  

Top 5 Most Comfortable Bras: Seamless & Wireless By MAGIC Bodyfashion Bras that are supporting as well as comfortable, that sounds like a dream! But it is a reality at MAGIC Bodyfashion , with its full collection of seamless and wireless bras. When designing bras, shapewear and other underwear items, comfort and support are the main priorities at MAGIC Bodyfashion. We want to make sure that every woman feels comfortable, beautiful and confident in our products. Especially during days like these, when you are staying home, we want you to feel relaxed all day long. This article is all about the seamless and wireless bras in our collection. Read all about them below:   The Comfort Bra The first item that we think about when it comes to seamless and wireless bras is our Comfort Bra . Made with soft, light and breathable fabrics, this is the ideal bra if you are looking for something comfortable to relax in. The bra comes with removable cups, which provides a natural shape and added support to your breasts. There are no seams and not a single wire, which not only makes it comfortable, but also does not show the bra under your outfits. The wide straps in the comfort bra divide the bust weight over a larger area, hence providing more comfort. You can wear the Comfort Bra to relax on your couch or even to do some yoga or light sports at home! We also have a special Pink Ribbon edition of the Comfort Bra in our collection, which was launched in collaboration with the Pink Ribbon Organization in order to raise awareness towards Breast Cancer. We have decided to donate 1 euro for every Pink Ribbon Comfort Bra sold. Due to enormous success after October 2019, we decided to continue selling the Pink Ribbon edition of the Comfort Bra and we will be continuing to donate to the Pink Ribbon Organization as well!   The Dream Bra Another ultra-comfy and soft bra that...

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Top 10 Most Comfortable Underwear For Staying At Home

  Rishma     17-03-2020  

Top 10 Most Comfortable Underwear For Staying At Home Working from home following the current health and safety regulations? For a lot of people, remote working or working from home is a new experience and can be quite overwhelming if you’re not used to it! We advise you to make sure that you have an organized and neat workspace, drink plenty of water, eat healthy and most importantly, make sure that you feel comfortable. This means wearing  clothes that are light and comfortable, and that includes comfortable underwear too. At MAGIC Bodyfashion, when it comes to comfort, we always make sure that it is our top priority. When creating all of our products, our major focus is on comfort which is why we have a wide range of most comfortable underwear, and we made a list of these comfortable underwear that you can wear while staying in or are working from home. Comfort Bra Comfort Bra, as the name already says it all, is the most comfortable bra in the Seamless & Comfy Collection by MAGIC Bodyfashion. The bra is fully seamless and wireless and made of the most soft and breathable fabric which guarantees ultimate comfort all day long. Not only is the bra super comfy but also provides the necessary support to your body, which makes it the ideal underwear for staying at home. The comfort bra has wide straps, so it does not dig into your shoulders and comes with removable pads that make sure it gives a natural push and the right support. Besides the Comfort Bra, we also have the Comfort Bra-Spaghetti and the Comfort Bandeau Push-Up. Click on the images to shop our Comfort Bra, Comfort Spaghetti Straps & Comfort Bandeau.  Looking for a sustainable option? Even better. We have the comfort bra available in our Body Hugging Bamboo Collection as well.     Comfort Short Just like the comfort bra, the most comfortable underwear for the lower body; the Comfort Short . Made with soft and breathable...

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TIP OF THE WEEK: Which Shapewear works the best for your body shape?

  MarĂ­a     18-07-2019  

TIP OF THE WEEK: Which Shapewear works the best for your body shape? Every body is different, and beautiful, in its own way. And even though shapewear is useful for every body type, not every style of shapewear is intended for every shape. We want you to embrace your curves, and to dress in a way that flatters your body type. That’s why we have created a guide to help you discover the perfect MAGIC shapewear match! WHAT’S YOUR BODY SHAPE? Apple Body Shape You’re this body type if you have an ample bust and midsection with narrow shoulders and hips, and you tend to carry extra weight in your tummy. The must-have MAGIC Shapewear for you to define your waistline is the Maxi Sexy Waistnipper ! Available up to size 4XL, the Maxi Sexy Waistnipper ensures optimal shaping of the waist, while allowing you to move normally, thanks to the powernet lining and flexible bones. Take a look here . Pear Body Shape Your hips are wider than your upper half. You naturally look amazing in jeans because of your curvy hips and slimmer waist. To enhance your natural curves, we recommend you the Maxi Sexy Hi-Bermuda! The Maxi Sexy Hi-Bermuda will strongly shape your upper body, hips, and thighs. It’s made of comfortable and smooth fabric and it’s available through size 4XL. Try it now! Rectangle Body Shape You have this body type if your shoulders, waist, bust and hips are all close in size. To help you achieve a curvier look, your must-have MAGIC shapewear is the Slimshaper ! The MAGIC Slimshaper gives support and shapes the upper body, up until the bust. This body shaper is super comfortable to wear due to its elastic, and high quality, material. The waist area is especially slimming to ensure all rolls are invisible on the stomach and back. See more here ! Hourglass Body Shape Your figure resembles an hourglass: Your waist is smaller than your bust and...

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Summertime Essentials from Magic Bodyfashion

  Femke     15-07-2019  

Summertime Essentials from Magic Bodyfashion It's Sweet Summertime! Ready...set...summer! Our summer dresses, skirts, and bikinis have found their way back to our closets. It’s time for salty kisses, sandy toes, and long summer nights. Some of us tend to worry about summer. Bikini’s, dresses, skirts…have I reached my summer body goals? We want you to embrace yourself and not avoid those summer outfits. We are here to help you feel confident in any outfit you want to wear! Our ‘Sweet Summertime’ collection is composed of every item you might need during summer. From backless bra’s, and comfortable nipple covers and push-up solutions! We are the full body solution brand, so we have it all! Let us take you through some items that could make your summer a more confident, and more comfortable one! Backless bra’s At MAGIC Bodyfashion we offer a range of different backless bras. These bras are perfect for summer, because they make sure you can wear low back dresses and strapless tops. All of our backless bras are made with a high end, skin friendly, silicone adhesive layer. This ensures the bra stays perfectly in place all day long. Make sure you take good care of your MAGIC backless bra by washing it with lukewarm water and mild soap after every use. This ensures it will last for multiple uses. Then, let it air dry and it’s ready for your next summer outfit! Thigh Solutions Many of us experience our thighs rubbing together during summer... with the record-breaking heat this year, we can’t help but sweat, and we know the irritation that occurs when this happens. When your thighs rub together you may experience itchiness, burning feelings, and rashes. In some cases, it can even result in blisters. Luckily, we have developed 2 solutions for chafing thighs! First off we want to introduce you to our “Tape That Thigh”. These skin-friendly tapes make sure your thighs...

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