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A Guide on How To Take Care of Your Bras Properly

A Guide on How To Take Care of Your Bras Properly
Bras are, without any doubt, one of your most worn pieces of clothing. It’s the first thing you put on in the morning and you wear it (almost) every day. May it be a comfortable seamless bra, a sexy lace bra or a sports bra, it is a really important piece of clothing for women. And you probably already know by now, you can’t actually wash and dry your delicate undergarments the way you do with other clothing items; using hot water and tumble-drying it in a dryer. Doing that will ruin the delicate fabrics and the shape of your bras. So that’s a big NO!

So, how exactly should you be washing and taking care of your bras?

The first question a lot of you might have is: how often should I wash my bras?
Washing your bras too often can wear out the materials, and the straps can lose their elasticity. But it is also not a good idea to wear the same bra for several days. The bra loses its shape after being worn several times without washing and it is not hygienic, so we don’t recommend that! The best to do here is to wear a different bra every day for a week or two-week period and wash them all together. This way, you are giving your bras rest between wears. This will keep the elastic in the bra intact, help the bra retain its shape and also saves you a lot of time. Yes, you will need to invest in more bras to keep you going for a week or two, but we assure you, it is a good investment, considering they will last longer!

Next, do I really need to hand-wash my bras?
Yes, hand-washing your bras is the best way to make sure a bra stays in good shape. You might not like the idea of doing this bit of laundry by hand, but it is really a lot easier than you think. Leave your bras in the sink with cold water and detergent for a while, and afterwards, rinse them out and hang them to dry in the shower or outside in the shade. Handwashing is also the best way to properly get rid of any transpiration stains and odors from your bra.

Now you might ask, can I machine-wash my bras inside a laundry bag?
Machine washing is not the ideal way to clean your bras, and we do not suggest it. You can still do it, you just have to make sure that your machine is on the gentle cycle, and the water is not hot (max 30°C). You need to make sure to put your bras inside a lingerie bag, and to not wash them together with other clothing items.

Now comes the drying part, Can I put my bras in a dryer?
The simple answer is, NO. You should never dry your bras in a dryer, this is the number one mistake that a lot of us make with bras. The heat and cycle can destroy the structure of the bra way faster and it will ruin the fabrics and elasticity of the bra. Dry them instead by hanging them on the shower curtain rod, or on drying lines in the shade or laying them flat on a towel. This way, you can make them last longer.

Another question is, what kind of detergent should I use to wash my bras?
The best thing to do is to buy a special gentle detergent that’s lingerie safe. You can use the detergent you already have at home, just make sure that it does not contain any alcohol or bleach. These ingredients can harm the delicate materials of a bra and make them deteriorate faster.

As we mentioned before, most of us have different kinds of bras for different occasions, so you might ask, do I need to wash different types of bras separately or differently?
No, you do not have to wash your different bras differently, or do something special for your special bralette than the other every-day bra. As long as you wash them all in the ways mentioned above, you can wash them all together, the same way.

Besides properly washing and drying, what else can I do to take care of my bras?
While you can take extra care while washing and drying your bras, there are some simple tips to take care of them. Always clasp and secure the hooks when you wash them. Next, properly putting your bra on also makes a difference. It is easier to clasp the hooks in front and twist the bra to the back, but well, that’s not a proper way to do it. This puts a strain on your straps and wears them out faster. The proper way to do it is by slipping your arms through the straps and then clasping the hooks on your back. Storing the bras properly in the drawers is also important. Do not fold one cup into another. Instead, lay the bras out flat and stack them on top of each other. When packing your bras in a suitcase, fill the cups with your panties or socks, it will help keep the shape intact.

Finally, always read the instructions on the tag of your bras and learn what all the wash & care instruction symbols mean. The majority of MAGIC Bodyfashion products are also instructed as hand-wash only, do not bleach, do not dry-clean, do not tumble dry and do not iron.

If you carefully follow these instructions, and follow our little tips and advice, your bras will stay as good as new for a long time! For more tips and information, check out our MAGIC blogs.
  Rishma     12-05-2020 09:15
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