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Have you ever had to reconsider an outfit for that special event due to annoying bra straps or visible bra lines? At MAGIC our mission is to provide an absolute comfort for any special occasion or simple day out. The Boob Tape provides a customizable lift without the discomfort of any straps, clasps or cups.

We offer tapes that cover the nipple and lifts the breast with its tape to create a perfect illusion of wearing a bra without wearing a bra. Furthermore we also offer other tapes that are perfect for shaping the bust line and to prevent your breasts from sagging.

The Dress Tape is the perfect solution to ensure to keep your outfit in place all day or to keep your outfit secure in case of an fashion emergency such as missing a button. Adhesive double-sided tape is easy to apply to your outfit. The Fashion Tape is the perfect solution for when wanting to keep an outfit in one place. The Fashion tape will keep your outfit from sliding off, open or riding up of your skin. Both products are the perfect size to always carry with in handbag or travel bag.