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Tip of the week: How to know your right bra size?

  María     28-06-2019  

Tip of the week: How to know your right bra size? Finding the perfect bra fit changes EVERYTHING. But it’s not easy to find it. That’s why we have created a how-to guide on how to measure your bra size! Measure your band . Stand in front of a mirror wearing a non-push-up bra. Wrap a soft measuring tape directly under your breasts, directly parallel with the bottom of the bra band. If you get an off number, round up. Measure your bust : Now measure around the fullest part of your bustline, while keeping the tape around your back at bandlevel. Make sure the tape is not too tight and that’s parallel to your bra’s band. Cup size : The difference between your band measurement and your bust measurement will give you your cup size. You can find the right number on this chart.   To know your band size , check out this chart: Example: Your bust measurement is 51 inches and your band size is 46 inches. 51-46=5, so that means you are an E cup. You should pick a 46E (if in the US). There are size differences depending on the countries, so before you buy your perfect MAGIC Bra , make sure you take a look at our size charts .  

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Bridal Essentials from MAGIC Bodyfashion

  Femke     24-06-2019  

Bridal Essentials from MAGIC Bodyfashion At MAGIC Bodyfashion our goal is to offer solutions for all women, in every phase of their lives. This includes one of the most important days of a women’s life, her wedding day! As bridal season is around the corner, we’d like to let you know we have every possible solution you can think of. Our bridal shapewear, backless bra’s, accessories, and Happy Feet products are here to help brides feel comfortable & amazing on their wedding day! Our selection of bridal shapewear is perfect for under a wedding dress, and your bridesmaid dress. They have that romantic bridal look, and shape the body so that every bride can feel & look fabulous! We offer most of our shapewear in latte or white, so it fits perfectly with your dress. View Collections .   When we think of a wedding day, we think of romantic, lace products. Take our Tummy Shaper Lace for example. A  gorgeous, lacy, but also shaping panty! The material is super soft and has no seams. This makes the Tummy Shaper completely invisible under your dress.   Our backless solutions are essential for low back or strapless dresses. Our backless bra’s and nipple covers will certainly stay put all day long, and ensure you have the most perfect look for your wedding day. View Collection .  A customer favorite is our Lift It’s . These are 2 separate silicone cups that stick to your breasts. The invisible tape on top makes sure they stay perfectly in place and lifts the breasts at the same time. The newest addition to our backless solutions, is our Lift It’s in F-cup! Because we know that you like some extra support with a larger cup, we made sure the lift it tapes are longer, so you feel more supported and secure. We have a large assortments of backless solutions. Check out our website to find your perfect match!   It can be quite exhausting to walk on heels all day. We...

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Festival Essentials from MAGIC Bodyfashion

  Femke     12-05-2019  

Festival Essentials from MAGIC Bodyfashion We hope you are as excited as we are...Days are getting longer, the sun is shining brighter, and festival season is just around the corner!  During festival season you want to put a little extra into your look. A little more glitz, a little more glam, a little more bare back...and it's time to show off your legs! BUT, even though it's summer, you still want to ensure comfort. With 3 days of sleeping in a tent at a festival you don't want any annoying outfit issues or mishaps. Some items have become essential for the festival look. Some examples: our backless bra solutions, nipple covers, and solution tapes. At MAGIC Bodyfashion we are unique in offering a total problem solving program for body fashion, and we are always looking for the next new innovative solution. We like to present you with some products that are absolutely essential for festival season. To make you feel comfortable and fabulous, all at the same time! The Backless Bra We know you want to wear those low back dresses and tops, but we also know that you need your bra to stay in place so you can dance the night away. We have several options for backless bra’s that will fit any backless need you have! Our Va-Va-Voom, Backless Beauty, and Luve bra are great options.. as well as many more! The high quality, adhesive, silicone layer in our backless bras ensure you have nothing to worry about.  View Collection Nipple Covers No interest in wearing a bra, but you still want to cover up your nipples? We have 5 different nipple covers to choose from. Adhesive or non-adhesive, silicone or non-silicone, it’s your choice! Nipple Covers are perfect for wearing a low back top or dress..or when you just don’t feel like wearing a bra.  View Collection Happy Feet If you’ve ever been to a festival, then you know good shoes are your best friend. But, even in comfortable shoes your feet can get irritated with all that walking and...

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