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Summer Ready With The Backless Solutions by MAGIC Bodyfashion

Summer Ready With The Backless Solutions by MAGIC Bodyfashion
Ladies, now that summer is almost here, you must be looking forward to wearing cute summer clothes! The beautiful weather demands for beautiful floral prints, cute tops and dresses, doesn’t it? Backless  dresses are definitely one of the summer favorites, the light and breezy outfit will keep you cool and stylish all summer. However, we know that a lot of women won’t wear backless dresses because of one issue, the bra showing in the back. Now, that’s a bummer, but it doesn’t have to be! You can now wear that backless summer dress with confidence because MAGIC Bodyfashion has got you covered. With so many backless bras and other backless solutions ranging up to size cup F, you can now wear backless dresses and gowns without worrying about your bra showing on your back! Besides backless, these bras are also great for wearing under low back and off shoulder dresses or tops.

Read all about the Backless Bras by MAGIC Bodyfashion below and pick your favorite!
  1. Amazing Bra
Feel amazing with the Amazing Bra by MAGIC Bodyfashion! This bra is made of two adhesive cups that are easy to stick onto your breasts. This 100% silicone adhesive bra stays perfectly in place thanks to the patented ‘bra gel’ and is invisible under your outfit! The Amazing Bra has a front closure, which gives you a nice push-up and the cups give extra volume to your breasts. The bra is meant for multiple use and you can take care of the bra by handwashing it with lukewarm water and letting it air-dry after wearing.

  1. Angel Bra
The Angel Bra is completely backless, strapless and adhesive, a perfect solution for wearing backless outfits! This bra has two adhesive, angel-wings shaped cups with a front closure which ensures a nice push-up effect. The adhesive material is 100% silicone, making sure that it sticks perfectly to your breasts all day long. The Angel Bra comes in two colors; Black & Latte.

  1. Backless Beauty
The Backless Beauty is the original backless solution by MAGIC Bodyfashion. The Backless Beauty has two adhesive cups, which you can adhere to your breasts one by one and then fasten the closure in front creating the perfect cleavage and a push-up effect! The Backless Beauty can be handwashed with lukewarm water and should be left to air-dry, by doing so you can wear the bra multiple times. It comes in three different colors; Black, Latte & Snow White and in sizes A through F!

  1. Lift-it’s
The Lift-it’s Backless solution by MAGIC Bodyfashion not only serves as a great backless bra but also gives that extra lift to your breasts. The MAGIC Lift-it’s are completely invisible silicone cups that are adhesive and stick separately to your breasts. The silicone cups have an invisible tape on the upper part which you can pull-up and stick above your breasts for an extra lift. The Lift-it’s are available from A through F-cups. In order to provide the same support and lift with a bigger cup size, the Lift-it’s F-cup comes with an extra-long tape that runs over to your shoulder ensuring maximum support and comfort. The Lift-it’s does not have a front closure which makes it ideal even for a plunging neckline dress or top!

  1. Luve Bra 
The Luve Bra is a beautiful adhesive, strapless and backless bra with an amazing U-plunge design that will make you want to dress-up. The bra is made of a smooth fabric which ensures that the bra is invisible under your outfit. The amazingly low U-plunge creates a beautiful cleavage and is perfect to wear under a low-neckline dress or top. You can wear this bra multiple times by taking proper take care of it. Hand-wash your bra with lukewarm water and let it dry naturally. The Luve Bra comes in sizes ranging from A to E, and you can pick from a Black or Latte color!

  1. Miracle Bra
Create a perfect backless look and a miraculous cleavage with the Miracle Bra by MAGIC Bodyfashion. This is a one-piece adhesive bra made of soft silicone. Attach the bra to one of the breasts, ensuring the skin is clean and dry. Use your hand to lift the breast into the right position and attach the bra to the other breast. Next, press firmly and create a beautiful look! The stretchy material of the bra makes it a one size fits any cup & bust sizes A through E! Just like the other backless bras above, the Miracle Bra can be hand-washed and air-dried and be used multiple times.

  1. Va-Va-Voom Bra 
The Va-Va-Voom Bra by MAGIC Bodyfashion helps you create a cleavage of your dreams. This bra is not only backless and strapless, it also has a slight padding in the cups to create a push-up effect. The drawstring in the front closure enhances this push-up effect by pulling the breasts together, creating that perfect cleavage. The adhesive silicone on the inside of the bra ensures that it stays in place all day long. The nipple area is kept silicone-free which increases comfort and also helps you wear the bra correctly! The Va-Va-Voom Bra comes in several colors and even in different fabrics, like velvet! Check them out here.
Also have a look at Va-Va-Voom Push for that extra push-up effect!

  1. Wing Bra
If you are looking for an extra bust support alongside a fantastic backless bra, The Wing Bra is the perfect choice! The bra has two fixed cups, and in addition, it has support wings next to the cups that adhere to your skin. This bra is designed in a Balconette-style, with soft seamless cups that also give a slight push-up. The Wing Bra is fully backless and strapless and great for multiple use! This beautiful bra comes in two colors; Black & Latte.

The Backless Bras by MAGIC Bodyfashion are adhesive and will stick perfectly to your breasts for a long period of time and can even be used multiple times. Make sure your skin is clean and dry before putting on the backless bras, if not, they are less likely to stick properly on your skin! All the backless bras can be used multiple times if you take good care of them by only handwashing with lukewarm water and letting them air-dry. Do not machine-wash and do not dry them in the dryer. Doing so will damage the adhesive glue on the backless bras. Read our blog on how to take care of your bras properly for more tips and advices. Besides, for a perfectly fitting backless bra, make sure to always buy the right size. Check out your size on the size chart below.

At MAGIC Bodyfashion, you’ll not only find the Backless Solutions, but also a wide range of clever tricks and solutions for creating a fabulous look, such as the Nipple Covers, Push-Ups, Dress Tape, Bra Extender, Bra Clips and much more! Check out the MAGIC Accessories collection and discover a wide range of amazing accessories that will help you wear the outfits of your dreams and create the perfect look for every occasion!

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