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All About Period Underwear

All About Period Underwear
It’s that time of the month again. During our period we women have to deal with period cramps, cravings, mood swings and so many other things. But most importantly we have to make sure we take care of our menstrual flow. Every woman has a different preference for how she wants to take care of her period. The most common ways are the use of pads, tampons, or menstrual cups. But have you ever tried period underwear?

Yes, you heard right. Period underwear.

We understand that you may be sceptical about using only underwear during your period but we will explain exactly why you should give them a go!

Before we dive more into period panties, we do want to point out that MAGIC’s panties are also suitable as maternity underwear. To give you extra comfort and support during and after pregnancy.

First of all, what is period underwear?

Period underwear, also known as period panties, are pants you put on when you're on your period to start or stop your flow, or to use as a backup on days when it's particularly heavy. Period panties are designed to hold the equivalent of three tampons! Crazy, right?! Furthermore, they are made with extra layers and special fabrics in the private area to absorb menstrual blood without looking bulky and making it obvious you are wearing period panties.

Most importantly, they are reusable options that can be washed, worn again, and washed again! This makes them both environmentally friendly and smart from an economic perspective since you can reuse period panties for up to 2-5 years!
They are suitable to use by everyone. May you be a woman who prefers to use the panties as a back-up on your heavy days, a woman who just started her period and wants an easy beginning to her period journeys - since tampons can be quite intimidating let’s be honest -, a mama who just gave birth or a woman who is not on her period but may be ovulating and experiences an increase in vaginal discharge: The panties are your solution!

Now that you know what period panties are, let’s talk about how they work.

Period panties consist of a moisture barrier which keeps you comfortable, an absorbent material that can store one to two tampons' worth of flow, and a layer made to stop leaks and stains.

However, we understand that you are not a hundred percent convinced that they work and that you are still afraid to make the change and entirely entrust your flow to undergarments. That is why we recommend you to start using them with lighter flow days or use period underwear as backup protection before transitioning to full-time use.

To help you with a smooth start towards your “free-bleeding” journey, MAGIC Bodyfashion introduces the Feel Free Panty and Feel Free Hipster!

The Feel Free Panty provides comfort and features elegant lace panels on the sides. The mid-waist rise provides full coverage in the front and back. Also, the laser cut edges ensure this panty is invisible under clothes.

Now, onto our Feel Free Hipster! It is made with eco-friendly recycled material, with an invisible finish, and features a beautiful lace edge at the waist. The medium rise provides full coverage in the front and back.

Both of the panties are specially designed with built-in protection to absorb liquids from medium to heavy flow and are washable and reusable. Moreover, they are sustainable and give an elegant finish without giving any clue that you are wearing period panties!

You probably are wondering how to take care of the period panties? It is very simple. Rinse them in cold water until the water runs clear. Then wash them at a maximum of 30ºC, delicate/lingerie program. After, hang them to dry. All the necessary information can be found at the back of the packaging.

Now, the only hard decision left to make is which panty would be the most suitable for you. Is it the Feel Free Panty or the Feel Free Hipster? Our suggestion: both panties would be a great addition to your wardrobe for those days when comfort is an absolute must!

We hope you enjoyed learning more about period panties. Make sure to follow us on social media to be fully caught up with the latest offers by MAGIC Bodyfashion.

With love,
MAGIC Bodyfashion

  Julia and Linda     01-09-2022 10:44