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Home Trending: how to style our MAGIC Shoulderpads

Trending: how to style our MAGIC Shoulderpads

Trending: how to style our MAGIC Shoulderpads
In case you missed the big shoulder pad trend, we are here to announce its back in! Are you a fan or not? That is the question with this recurring trend. We know shoulder pads as one of  the biggest and most well-known fashion trends of all time. This is a fashion statement that goes back to the 80s. A real comeback. The question is what is everyone waiting for? Because we’re into it!

We are ready for this trend. With our MAGIC Shoulderpads you can create the ultimate wide shoulder look. In the current era of female empowerment, this powerful statement cannot be missed.

Our shoulder pads comes in three different styles: a subtle, natural and sporty style. So you can create the style that fits exactly with and for you. Read more about our shoulder pads below.
How to use your shoulderpads?

This trend has developed over the years in a way that we not only see in jackets, but also for under tops and as an accessory.

Shoulder pads do a lot for your figure.  By creating a larger shoulder area, you put more emphasis on the waist and the rest of your body. You might have noticed the on-going trend in wearing oversized blazers. Most of the time the shoulder padding is already incorporated. With our  Shoulderpads you can give your outfit a little more body.
Go natural or subtle

The natural and subtle shoulder pads give a minimal and casual effect to the shoulders. The difference between the two styles is in the size of the padding.

The Natural shoulder padding is slightly larger and covers the entire shoulder. Perfect for those outfits where you want to create a nice natural look. Wear the shoulder padding with a nice blouse and cute jeans and your outfit is complete. 

The subtle shoulder pads are slightly shorter giving you a bit more of an effect. Do you like a subtle or natural look? Then these styles of shoulder pads are really for you!

all the way sporty

The sporty style makes the shoulders slightly higher and wider. These shoulder pads are perfect for creating the ultimate sporty or statement look. Wear the shoulder pads under a cool shirt or blazer, paired with cute jeans and a pair of boots.

The MAGIC Shoulderpads are made of a foam material that molds to the shoulder. Thanks to the special patch on the inside, the padding stays in place and you can slide the shoulder padding under your bra strap.

This way you are all set to totally embrace this renewed trend!
    18-04-2023 13:07