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Home Bodysuit - A Must-have Item In Your Closet

Bodysuit - A Must-have Item In Your Closet

Bodysuit - A Must-have Item In Your Closet

First of all, what is a bodysuit? A bodysuit is a one-piece form-fitting or skin-tight garment that covers the top, with seamless panty or shorts combined. Although they look similar to leotards or one-piece swimsuits, bodysuits are usually more seen in daily outfits.

Why wear bodysuits?
•    Tucked in: the very first and main purpose of a bodysuit is that you don’t need to worry about your top going up or your blouse popping out as it stays tucked in the whole time.
•    Easy for layering: a bodysuit is usually made to be soft and snug so you can easily throw on an overshirt, sweater, or another snug layer of clothing. 
•    Sexy: Because it’s so body-hugging, so either to wear in the bedroom or glam up your outfit, there’s just something sexy about bodysuits that you can’t ignore. Surely, you have to check out our Be Pretty Body, it’s the definition of sexiness in a bodysuit. 
•    Style: Currently on the market there are so many different types of bodysuits that can fulfill anyone’s needs. At MAGIC, we offer a wide range of bodysuit styles from V-neck, Racerback, Low-back, or even Turtleneck, etc. and I’m sure you can find something if you take a look at our EveryBody Collection
•    Shape: Bodysuits can be with or without built-in shaping effects. However, with MAGIC, all bodysuits provide at least medium shaping and depending on the product, the support can apply to your stomach, back, bust, upper thighs, or even your bum, so that you can show off your best form without any worries. 
•    Coverage: Bodysuits can have different types of coverage for the top and bottom. At MAGIC Bodyfashion, our collection varies from Longsleeve to Sleeveless, from thong, briefer to boyshorts, you name it.

Bodysuits are great, but there are some well-known issues of this item that MAGIC Bodyfashion is here to solve. 
•    Hard to wear all day long: Bodysuits are known for being inconvenient when you want to use the toilet because you have to take the whole thing off every time. However, the bodysuits of MAGIC Bodyfashion have hook-and-eye closure making them very easy to open, so you can enjoy wearing them all day without any issues.
•    Little to no bust support: Most of the bodysuits in the market usually lack support for the bust so you can show your most natural look. But if you like some firm and support, some of our bodysuits provide bust support so you don’t really need to wear a bra but still have maximum comfort and lift, or simply a seamless, padded bra will do. If you want a natural look, nipple covers would really help. 

Still not sure if you should buy a bodysuit? Check out how our MAGIC ladies style them here: 

Simple yet stylish with jeans/pants

On the left: Everybody Sleeveless in Black.

On the right: Everybody Turtleneck in Black.

Elegant and sexy with a skirt

On the left: Low Back Body in Black.  
    On the right: Everybody V-neck in Green. 

Chic with blazers/overshirt

On the left: Lowback Bodysuit in Latte. 
On the right: Be Pretty Body in Latte. 

Comfortable with leggings or just by itself

On the left: Bamboo Bodysuit 
in Black.
On the right: Be Pretty Body in Latte. 

  Minh Anh Tran     09-12-2021 14:30