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Home How to level up your loungewear, when 'work from home' is here to stay post-pandemic

How to level up your loungewear, when 'work from home' is here to stay post-pandemic

How to level up your loungewear, when 'work from home' is here to stay post-pandemic

Since the pandemic started, most people have been staying home the majority of their time. The longer time spent at home, along with the growing trend of home training and yoga classes, has led consumers to stock up on workout apparel and accessories. So all the fancy clothes were put at the bottom of the closet, and replaced by more comfortable, effortless-looking loungewear.

So what is loungewear? It is something in between athleisure and sleepwear that gives you enough comfort and style so that it can be worn to stay in and work from home or go out.

With offices and events opening up again, people will be looking for outfits that are professional, stylish while also comfortable. And if you are wondering how can a set of lounge apparel be worn outside, let MAGIC help you out a little:

1. Bras as Tops

Recently, minimalist bras worn as tops can be spotted several times on runways from major fashion brands as it is predicted to continue as a trend next year. For a not-so-naked look, bras can be styled with full coverage pieces like suits, blazers, overshirts, jackets.

Just to name a few, here are some of our most basic yet super comfortable and practical bras to wear outside:
On the left: Dream Bralette Lace in Black
On the right: Dream Bralette in White     

2. Shaping bodysuit/jumpsuit

A new concept, a combination of (tank) tops and biker shorts, which is like a second skin that fits your body perfectly and allows freedom of movement. This piece is ultimately comfortable. But what’s more? You can easily style it with other basic items as well, like a pleated skirt, a pair of jeans or just an oversized blazer will do. Especially if there are some lace details, your outfit will look so much more sophisticated.

On the left: Be pretty body in Latte. 
On the right: Lowerback Bodysuit in Latte. 

3. Mix n Match

What is more fun than showing your style through a matching lounge set? Again, oversized blazers will do the job of making your outfit more professional and stylish.
On the left: Lounge Crop Tanktop in Lavender, Lounge Legging in Heather Grey. 
On the right: Ribbed Comfort Bra in Heather Grey, Lounge Cropped Legging in Heather Grey. 

4. Popping colors

Bright, vibrant colors bring joy and optimism for the upcoming summer, especially when everyone is done with Covid and ready to go back to normal life. Having a color-popping item on you will definitely steal the show! Take a look at our comfort bra in Pink Ribbon or Dream bralette in red.
On the left: Dream Bralette in Red
On the right: Comfort Bra in Pink Ribbon

5. Minimalism is still key, but make it sustainable

Despite the shift to a more vibrant wardrobe, minimalism is still a constant trend. Basic and uncomplicated pieces that are soft and light, also with neutral colors will continue to rule the fashion industry, especially when they are made of sustainable materials and can give back to the environment. MAGIC can provide you with a full collection of Body Hugging Bamboo and Dream Organics loungewear that helps you feel comfortable and chic, inside out.
On the left: Comfort Bandeau Bamboo, Comfort Short Bamboo
On the right: Bamboo Comfort Bra With Spaghetti Straps

  Minh Anh Tran     05-11-2021 16:12