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Home Choosing the Perfect Wedding Bra for Strapless & Low Back Dresses

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Bra for Strapless & Low Back Dresses

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Bra for Strapless & Low Back Dresses
Weddings are one of the very few events where you have the opportunity to present yourself in a glamorous and elegant style. So, today we have taken the time to help you complete the missing pieces that contribute to your dazzling wedding outfit. More specifically, in today’s post, we will focus on helping you find the perfect bridal bra that will fit just perfectly under your Strapless or Low Back wedding dress. If you’d like to wear a dress that reveals your shoulders or back, there are multiple options to choose from when selecting the right bra for this particular outfit. 

Before we dive into this post, let’s take a quick look at some of the differences that exist between backless, strapless and adhesive bras. For starters, strapless bras are designed to be worn without shoulder straps. They usually include design features such as silicone strips that prevent the bra from moving. You can also consider wearing a strapless bra that has a back closure. Adhesive bras, also known as “stick on bras”, are essentially self-adhesive bra cups that stick onto each individual breast. Adhesive bras are usually made from silicone with sticky adhesive layers on the inner lining of the cups that simply stick on your breasts. Strapless, backless and adhesive bras are all great options if you plan to wear a Strapless or Low Back dress!

Here at MAGIC Bodyfashion, we have some great solutions that can contribute towards your visionary wedding outfit. Let’s take a look at some selective adhesive backless bras from the MAGIC Bodyfashion collection. 

Va-Va-Voom Bra

The eminent Va-Va-Voom Bra creates the cleavage of your dreams. The backless, strapless and adhesive bra has slight padding in the cups that essentially creates a push-up effect. The drawstring front closure enhances the push-up effect by pulling the breasts together, creating the best cleavage possible. The adhesive silicone on the inside of the bra ensures the bra stays in place all day long, perfect for your wedding day!

Backless Beauty

The Backless Beauty Bra has two separate cups that are adhered to the breasts and close in the middle, creating a beautiful push-up effect. The strong adhesive layer ensures the bra stays in place. Flawless for your wedding day, without having to worry about your bra coming loose!

MAGIC Lift-It’s

The MAGIC Lift-It’s are completely invisible and separate silicone cups that lift your breasts without needing to wear a bra. The adhesive cups stick to each breast separately and presents a nice cleavage. This solution is the perfect complement if you are planning to wear a backless or low-cut wedding dress! 

Multiway Bra

The Multiway Bra is a must have. This style comes with padded cups and various accessories. The bra itself can be worn in countless ways which creates a versatile and invisible bra that is suitable to wear under any outfit. If you are still unclear about what wedding dress you will be wearing, don’t worry, the Multiway Bra can be worn with any style and dress! 

Luxury Strapless Padded Bra

The Luxury Strapless Bra has a smooth style that’s invisible under your outfit. The bra has a double-layered elastic powerband that ensures the bra will stay in place. This versatile bra comes with fully adjustable and removable straps that is perfect to wear on a wedding day! 

Looking over this, we certainly hope that our recommendations and selections contribute towards completing your dream wedding look! Stay tuned for more blog posts in the coming future that will discuss wedding topics. For now, we wish you all the best for your wedding preparations and hope you have a wonderful day! 
  Mickael     03-06-2021 16:15