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The Best Hosiery For Autumn

The Best Hosiery For Autumn
Hey girl, are you ready to see the leaves falling down? Autumn is coming! Now that it’s getting a little colder, we can finally start dressing a little thicker and layer our clothes as well. Fall calls for combining Tights and Leggings with our clothes to create the perfect look! Here at MAGIC, we help you create the perfect layering looks which you’ll be able to rock all around Autumn. Are you ready to feel the full MAGIC experience?

Don’t ditch those Skirts you still wanted to wear in Summer just yet. Keep all those fierce Skirt looks you have planned out coming while wearing our MAGIC Incredible Legs black tights. For fall, Hosiery is all there is. A black tight will not only keep you warm from colder temperatures but also polish your outfit. Going for that specific look but missing a statement piece? Try our Incredible Legs in Trendy or Pretty. Our Incredible Legs come in not only two styles but five. Besides the Trendy and Pretty, there is also the Chevron style, Diamond, giving off a little bit of a Fishnet, which can be paired perfectly with a dress or a Skirt and lastly the Fancy. All of our Tights can not only be used for more elegant looks but also for looks when you want to lounge around.

Leggings are just a staple in a wardrobe as jeans are. Why? For us at MAGIC, they are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing someone can own. Whether you want to dress a little fancier and elevate your outfit or dress more casual, Leggings are always a great and comfortable option!

Our MAGIC Leather Look Legging for example, the perfect legging to put on when wanting to elevate an outfit. Perfect for more fancier occasions like a Dinner Party, Thanksgiving or even Christmas which makes it perfect to wear for several hours without feeling uncomfortable. The legging is easy to combine with whatever look you’re going for.

Want to wear a jeans for a longer period of time? We have the perfect solution for you so you can still wear a jeans even though it isn’t *wink*. Our MAGIC Jegging could be a perfect addition to your wardrobe as it gives off the same jean type of look even though it is a legging – a Jegging. Our Jegging’s come in two different colors, Jeans Blue and Black, both colors that are really easy to combine with everyday outfits as well as when wanting to dress a little fancier than usual.

Our newest addition to the MAGIC Collection combining the perfect MAGIC Jean Legging with a layer of shapewear on the inside of the pant. Inside the Legging there is a built-in shaping brief that helps you control your tummy, hips and back. This means perfect comfortability while wearing shapewear that is disguised as a beautiful looking Jean Legging! Isn’t that amazing? Our beautiful Jeans Legging is available in Jeans blue for a perfect combination to wear with more casual outfits as well as when wanting to dress up more.

Imagine you come home and just want to lay down and relax but all the Hosiery you have at home make you feel uncomfortable. Don’t worry, we got you! Enough talk about wanting to dress up and get fancy. It’s time to lay down and chill. We have the perfect lounge legging for that! Our MAGIC Bamboo Legging made with green and eco-friendly Tanboocel Bamboo fibers is your perfect partner to do it. The Legging’s bamboo fibers are so soft and combined with the seamless design, it provides the perfect and ultimate comfort while wearing them at any given time of the day!

No excuses anymore about not having any comfortable Hosiery to wear for Autumn anymore. We got your back!
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Until next time & Happy Autumn,

MAGIC Bodyfashion ♥
  Jashar     28-09-2022 10:10