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5 Types of Bras to Wear with Halter Dresses

5 Types of Bras to Wear with Halter Dresses
Following up on our previous blog post, we looked into choosing the perfect wedding bra for Strapless & Low Back dresses. In today’s post, we will focus on choosing the perfect bra for Halter dresses. Before we dive into the different types of bras to choose from, let’s quickly take a look at Halter dresses.

What is a Halter Dress?
A Halter dress characteristically portrays a backless dress that is held at the back of the neck and waist. This style is a great fitting for summer wear as it exposes the shoulders and back in an elegant manner, however, with Halter dresses, ordinary bras are not considered a viable option. Halter dresses come with the consequence of revealing bra straps and hooks (if you are wearing a regular bra). The question that comes to mind is, what type of bra works best with a Halter dress? In order to answer this question, let’s take a look at the bra options that will fit flawlessly with your Halter dress!

What type of bra can you wear with a Halter Dress?

Strapless Bra

A Strapless bra is a great choice for a Halter dress. Strapless bras are intended to be worn without shoulder straps. In order to ensure the bra stays in place, Strapless bras customarily have features such as silicone to avert slippage and provide support.

Halter Bra
The name itself insinuates that it’s a great fit with a Halter dress, and that’s because it is! A Halter bra typically has a strap that fits around your neck and can be found in both padded and non-padded options. Halter bras also relieve pain from the shoulders!

Multiway Bra
Multiway bras come with exchangeable straps that essentially allow you to select which style works best for you. A Multiway bra can be worn in countless ways having strapless, halter style, one shoulder, and cross-back styles available to your choosing.

Put simply, a Bralette is fundamentally a lightweight bra that is wire-free and designed to provide comfort. Bralette bras have no hooks, no wires, and no padding, meaning it offers slightly less support. Nevertheless, if you are looking for comfort, a Bralette is a great choice!

Adhesive Bra
Adhesive bras (also known as “stick on bras”) are essentially self-adhesive bra cups that stick onto each individual breast. Adhesive bras are usually made from silicone with sticky adhesive layers on the inner lining of the cups that simply stick to your breasts. Adhesive bras are typically favored by women with small to medium sized breasts.

How can MAGIC help you find the perfect bra for your Halter dress?

Now that we are up to date with the different types of bras that work with Halter dresses, let’s take a look at some of our products that will fit just perfectly under your breathtaking Halter dress!

Amazing Bra
The Amazing Bra is made of two adhesive cups that are easy to stick onto your breasts. The 'bra gel' process ensures the bra stays in place perfectly and makes it invisible under your outfit. If you are looking to add natural volume to your breasts, this bra will work perfectly with your Halter dress! The bra is fully open in the rear, which displays a nice bare back and is completely strapless which makes it the perfect to wear with a Halter Dress!

Magical Strapless
The Magical Strapless bra fits perfectly with Halter dresses and Low Back tops, with the security of a transparent back strap. You can wear the Magical Strapless as a strapless bra, or you can attach the shoulder straps to the bra to create a Halter bra!

Wing Bra
The Wing Bra is the perfect adhesive backless bra option if you are looking for some extra bust support under your Halter dress. In addition to the two fixed cups, the Wing bra has additional support wings that adhere to your skin. The Wing bra is a Balconette-style bra, with soft seamless cups that give a slight push-up. The bra is fully open on the back and completely strapless!

Lift Covers
The Lift Covers are made of a smooth and comfortable material that completely covers the nipples and is invisible under your clothes. The skin friendly sticky silicone layer ensures the Lift Covers stay in place at all times. The nipple area is kept silicone-free to increase comfort. The lift covers can be easily applied and removed. Side note, the Lift Covers are swim proof!

Luxury Strapless Padded Bra
The Luxury Strapless Bra has a smooth style that’s invisible under your outfit. The bra has a double-layered elastic powerband that ensures the bra will stay in place. This versatile bra comes with fully adjustable and removable straps that is perfect to wear with a Halter dress.

Multiway Bra
The Multiway Bra is a must have. This style comes with padded cups and various accessories. The bra itself can be worn in countless ways (strapless, halter, or one-shoulder) which creates a versatile and invisible bra that is suitable to wear under a Halter dress!

We certainly hope that after you read this post, you will have a better understanding on how to complete your Halter dress by matching it with the perfect bra. Either way, you’ll look magnificent in your Halter dress!
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