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MAGIC Face Mask Filter

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MAGIC Face Mask Filter

… Protection Filter for your Stylish Mask

€ 12,39
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The MAGIC Face Mask Filters are made of soft and breathable non-woven polypropylene material and come in a set of 10 disposable filters. The filters are used to insert into the MAGIC Face Mask and keep it fashionably protective. The MAGIC Face Mask Filters are CE certified and will provide protection for a maximum of 3 hours of continuous use. After 3 hours the filter needs to be disposed.

  • 10 disposable filters separate packaged in a polybag
  • Insertable in MAGIC Face Mask
  • CE certified
  • One-time use

When wearing a protective mask, please take the following wear & use tips into consideration:
MAGIC Face Masks are only effective when used in combination with frequent hand-cleaning using alcohol-based hand soap and water.

1. Wash your hands with soap first.
2. Remove replacement filter and throw away if filter has been used for max 3 hours.
3. Clean face with soap thoroughly.
4. Hand wash the mask and hang until dry.
5. Wash your hands.
6. If preferred iron the reusable mask (only without inside filter).
7. Insert new replacement filter (only use FFP1 certified
replacement filters – CE approved).

• The replacement filter pad needs to be changed after usage of up to 3 hours and disposed afterwards.
• The replacement filter pad provides protection for a maximum of 3 hours of continuous usage.
• 100% Non-woven polypropylene 
• For single use only. Dispose after use
• One size fits all

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